Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Listicles - Why being 2 is awesome

Ah its Monday again, and you know what that means!! Listicle Time!!! Yay!! This week, our topic, should we choose to accept it it 10 things that rock (or don't rock) about being Jakah!

Should be pretty easy since it seems like being 2 is AWESOME!

1. He never has to make his own meals, they are all made and served to him

2. Doesn't have to go to work or do any chores except picking up his toys

3. Gets toys bought for him, for no real occasion except for its a Tuesday

4. Gets to watch whatever (cartoons) he wants on TV - or Cars for the 10 millionth time

5. Takes a nap every day,

6. Trips to the bouncy house, park or kids museum are a weekly adventure

7. Sometimes Jakah gets to eat french fries and a milk shake for dinner (of course that didn't happen last night! What kind of mom would I be?)

8. He gets adorably cute clothes from Gymboree because his mom loves shopping there

9. Grandma / Grandpa lets him jump on the bed, blow bubbles in the house, etc.... All the things I was never allowed to do!

10. Going out to work with dad in the garage is the greatest thing ever! And so is riding in the truck.

So there you have it, obviously being 2 is horrible!

Can you think of anything worse?!

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  1. Sounds like being Jakah is pretty pretty awesome!!!

  2. I cannot believe you allow this kind of nonsense in your family! You know I still cry every time during the final race in the Cars... Don't us.
    Jakah is one very cool dude.

  3. I'd gladly volunteer to babysit Jakah on one of his trips to bouncy house Audrey! :)

  4. The bouncy house place is awesome, especially since adults get to go in! :)

    I cry at Toy Story 3 every time!

  5. Great list and great pictures! I especially like the one where Jakah is put through the hoop. :) And I think taking a nap could be on the list for college students, too. I sure miss those! :)

  6. I only WISH I could do half of the things on this list! What a life!! (That picture of him in the bouncy house hoop--SO cute!).

  7. I think 2 is one of my most favorite stages! I know, it's weird, but they are such cute little bitty people!

  8. Bouncy houses rock! 2 is an OK stage... but we are at tantrums so half the time I am going crazy

  9. That is a great life! Working the garage was always a fantastic time for my son when he was young.

  10. Jakah sure is living the good life. Love the pics.


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