Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WTF Wednesday - 03.07.2012 (blogiversary)

This morning, I realized I had forgotten my 1 year blogiversary! WTF!!!

So happy Late Blogiversary to me! (It was Feb 27th!)

Good Thing Ryan sent me this to remind me :)

Ah Thanks Ryan, You're too kind! (Don't I wish!)

 I know I have to keep my speech short or they will play they music to kick me off stage.

So here it goes!

I just want to thank all the new followers, readers, and friends who stop by and comment. I truly appreciate each and every comment I get.

I don't blog for the fame and fortune, just to carve out a little space on the inter-web that is just for me. And I have met some wonderful people.


Lame for me for not remembering my own blogiversary. Not really surprising though, since I can barely remember my own wedding anniversary! And who said romance was dead! 


And my comments still don't work! WTF!


  1. What was I going to write... I forget... I'm drooling....

    Happy Blogger Anniversary!

  2. Cool-li-o your first year anniversary. I think mine is in January 2009? Could that be possible. Here's to many more years.

  3. Happy Blog anniversary.. For me I only managed to remember the 1st one after that I celebrate through the number of post done..easier to remember. I just celebrated my 1000th post last mth.

  4. Thanks! Seems much easier to just celebrate posts done!

  5. Happy Blogiversary! And that was so sweet of Ryan to send you that card. ;)

  6. He is so very thoughtful isn't he :)

  7. Happy Bloggy B'day! So glad Ryan remembered!!


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