Friday, April 6, 2012

Being Responsible Sucks

We have met with a few financial planners who have actually told us they can do nothing to help us. That 50 year old don't have their stuff together as well as we do. And I hate to brag but being an accountant, I feel I am pretty good with money.

That being said, being responsible sucks!

We have to get new phones, ours have finally crapped out after 4 years. Of course I want an awesome smart phone. My husband wants one to play music on while he is working.

But we are to the point where we live on one income. All the money I earn from my little part time jobs goes into savings. But my part time jobs are ending. After this year there will be no more nannying, and I think it will be my last tax season for a while. (unless I go in at night by myself, its hard to say at this point)

We have all our loans paid, have no credit card debt, save for retirement and pay our bills on time.

BUT we like to have a little bit of fun money every month. We like to go out and eat on weekends, or be able to go shopping and buy whatever we want at that time (like a new camera when I break the other one)

And to be honest, I am cheap! Cheap, cheap, cheap! I rarely buy anything for full price, always waiting until there is a sale, I have a coupon or its on clearance. So adding $60+ dollars a month to our bill would put it around $200... and that's a lot! Especially when we are already paying $60+ for Internet for the house. And honestly I can't justify paying that much money just for Internet.

Sometimes I just want to be younger again, without having to buy diapers, formula, or clothes for kids. Worrying about how high the utilities bills will be this month.

 I want to act like a selfish teenager (or 20 something year old) and do what I want.

Its not fair! And I know I am having a pity party for 1 right now, but its my tantrum and I'll do what I want!!! Like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... " I want it, and I want it now!"

Being responsible sucks!


  1. HAHA I hear you. We're going to be getting ready to sit down and go over our budget when we move.Hey look at me I can post comments on your page again!

    1. Yay! so excited you found a house!

  2. Sometimes you gotta reward yourself for being so responsible...;)

  3. You're right....being responsible does suck! I'm holding out hope that as long as we keep making good decisions, it will get easier. And having some fun is necessary to a happy life, so it's a very necessary budget item! :)

    1. Ha ha we wouldn't know :) But luck would have it Casey's work gets a discount on phones and it pays for 1 data plan! He chose not to get one and let me take it :) Yay!

  4. I just read your comment above & yay for that!!

    But you're right, being responsible does suck;)

  5. Wow - I have to say, good for you for being so responsible and having your finances so together! I do also agree with you, it's no fun and I HATE going through the bills, making budgets or any of that kind of responsible stuff. I feel your pain! And I hope you get a phone somehow :)


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