Tuesday, May 8, 2012


When I was pregnant with Jakah I had 3 cravings total. They lasted the whole time I was pregnant, and were consistent. And I was always up for eating! (probably why I gained so much!)

Cheeseburgers (especially from Red Robin!) - My husband was in heaven! I could eat one at every meal I swear (I may or may not have eaten more than 1 a day)

Milk -  I went from drinking a 1/2 gallon a month to at least a gallon a week

Ice Cream - I don't even really like ice cream!

But with Jensen I swear I have a new craving every week, and half the time I have to convince myself to eat something. Cause I really am not that hungry for ANYTHING! (which makes it really hard to cook!) A few examples of things I am craving are....

Milk - Jakah and I are up to 3 gallons a week.... we may need a cow soon!

Pineapple - can't get enough

White Cheddar Popcorn


Taco Time Soft Taco's

My Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keebler  Striped Cookies


Of course these cravings are only lasting about a week, after that I want nothing to do with the food! And Really the list goes on and on, mostly junk food it seems. Although I have gained about 20 pounds less this time than last time! Yay!

Its just so weird how many different things I have crave this time compared to last time.

What were some of the things you craved? And were they the same each time you were pregnant?


  1. haha, that 2nd list is pretty much my list of cravings with Sky but not milk...I never crave that. But cheese-it's...oh god, I could eat an entire box!

    1. I am not really a big milk drinker normally either... its weird Ha ha!

  2. It's amazing the power Cheez-Its seems to have over people....pregnant or not! And it's always so interesting to me how cravings and other side effects of pregnancy can vary so much from one pregnancy to another.
    Hope you get whatever you're craving today! :)

    1. Cheez-its are delicious! My husband the weirdo doesn't like them at all. Ha ha ha, so true that its a daily thing now! I did get to have Olive Garden for lunch so I am good :)

  3. With Ada I couldn't get enough navel oranges. Honey Nut Cheerios too.
    This time, I crave weird stuff like cooked mushrooms. Other than that I can't seem to get enough junk in general. I think I'm going to be in trouble when I don't have a belly anymore to balance out my hips and ass.

    1. Cooked mushrooms? Plain or in dishes?


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