Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Listicles - Things that make you go Hmmmm?

Its Monday again!

Husband has left for his work trip after being home for a week. Time to get back to some sort of normal routine around here. Although it was wonderful having him home with us.

He has been gone an hour and so far I am the only one who has cried... 71 more hours to go until he is home.

This weeks topic was chosen by the incredibly funny Erin and Ellen at The Sensible Moms. Things that make you go HMMMM

Here it goes...Things that make me go HMMM (and yes that song is now stuck in my head)

1. Why does the hospital make me sleep in the hard, uncomfortable bed that I delivered in a few hours ago?

2. How is it that Jakah ignores me all day long, unless I whisper "Cheetos" ... Then he comes running from across the yard.

3. Why would a photographer think this is a good picture that I want to pay for?

4. Why are we always out of milk on the 1 day out of the month I decide to eat cereal?

5. Why do you get a ticket for holding the phone up to your ear to talk but its OK to hold it 6" away from your face on speaker phone?

6. Why the two hours of nap time fly by, but the hours before and after sometimes drag on.

7. What is so funny about farts?

8. Why my husband has to be remind to take pictures of me and our kids, and then be reminded AGAIN to at least tell me when the picture is being taken so it is somewhat decent

9. Why does my dog feel the need to growl at a car that is driving a mile away?

10. Why is the y button on my laptop broken? I have to bang on it to make it work...

11. How was I able to think of 10 things with almost no sleep?

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  1. You had the baby! Congrats...he is so adorable. Even in that photo. And you came up with a much better list than I. Your brain is functioning beautifully. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Yes he is a week old today :) Thank You!

  2. I giggled at that photo. But even with the awkward pose, that baby is beautiful.

    About #5, what is up with that? And I have been more of a hazard at times when my bluetooth has gone rogue when trying to answer a call. To really cut down on the distractions, they should make me tow my children in a trailer being the vehicle.


    1. Thank You! And that law makes no sense to me, kids are much more of a distraction! Towing them in a trailer is a better idea than duct taping them to the roof!

  3. Nice job on the list! The one about whispering 'cheetos' cracked me up. Remember, a TV show or two can help the time pass more quickly! :)

  4. What is funny about farts??! I am still so excited about the baby I cannot come up with a comment other that love it and congrats and I am so happy all went well. What great news!

    1. I fear fart jokes are forever in my future with all boys around here! And Thank You :)

  5. I wonder the same thing about the whole cellphone thing!!! It doesn't make any sense to me but whatever! Hope your week goes fairly smoothly been thinking of you!!!!

    1. My poor husband got his first ticket EVER for that... calling me... poor guy! Its even worse when you see cops talking on their phones when they drive by!


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