Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4 Tuesdays = 1 Month

I guess Jensen isn't really 1 month old until July 5th, but technically it has been 4 Tuesdays since I had him.

4 weeks since we went from a family of 3 to a family of 4. Sure its been rough, newborn stage and all. But really I think its been tougher with the toddler. The green eyed monster of jealousy was rearing his head all around here. And its understandable. Suddenly this little boy had to start sharing his mommy and daddy.
Reading our favorite books
Daddy catching up on sleep

I love this smile!

Playing outside outfit

Now that he has gotten used to Baby brother being around, He does adorable things. Jumps up on the couch next to the baby and says "Hi Baby Brother, it's me, it's Jakah"

Or shows him how to play cars

You're never to old to play cars!

Even helps given him a bath, or comfort him in the car.

After all the tantrums and crying (by both Jakah and Me) its the moments like these that make it worthwhile.

I can't believe it has been a month already! Time needs to slow down!

Happy 1 Month baby boy! 


  1. I count by weeks too. It's tough to adjust, hopefully the jealousy goes away!

    1. This last week has definitely been better than the first 3!

  2. Aw, sounds like everyone is adjusting well!

    1. Seems like life is getting back to normal, whatever that is Ha ha!

  3. Many congratulations. May Lord bless the little angel. I truly understand the jealousy part. I saw it firsthand with my sister's eldest son. It had been a year now and still not much of an improvement on that front. You are lucky to have him adjusting in 1 month itself.

    1. I'm sure we aren't out of the clear for the jealousy part, but for the most part he is doing better, and realizes is brother is here to stay!

  4. So cute! Definitely challenging with an infant and toddler...we are dealing with that too(Plus older kids:)
    Congrats on getting through(and enjoying:) the 1st mth!

    1. Thank you! It has definitely gotten much better. Getting back into a routine again


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