Friday, July 20, 2012

First Project Truck

This is my 200th post on my blog!

We have been tossing around the idea of getting Jakah a power wheels for a while now. He drives his cousin's around and loves it. But they are EXPENSIVE! And we wanted to wait until he was old enough to appreciate it. (Ha ha ha)

But we found one on craigslist for $50. It came with 2 new tires that needed to be installed. It had a bad battery, and the front end was bent so it couldn't steer. But other than that it was really nice and taken care of.

So we went ahead and bought it. Jakah officially has his first project truck! I don't know who is more excited about this jeep, Jakah or his dad!

Jakah has been super excited and couldn't wait to drive it. Unfortunately the battery lasted long enough for him to go down the street, and then we had to push him back home.

Casey and Jakah wasted no time taking the front end apart and getting to work. Casey hopped onto Amazon and ordered 2 more new tires and a new battery.  We had to wait a whole week for them to show up!

But that gave the boys time to make a new front end.

Overall we spent $125 total. Not too bad for a power wheels. Casey made all the front end parts himself. They were just pieces of steel that he drilled and filed down. Its awesome having a handy husband!

Of course its hard for a 2 year old to wait (and possible just as hard for the 30 year old) So after installing all the new front end pieces and 2 of the tires Casey let him try it out.

This looks like a future senior picture!

Wheeling it off the curb

Getting pushed home

Watching the tires spin

The battery has finally arrived, all the new tires have been put on and we have a very happy 2 year old! And a very proud husband! (he is also a little jealous!)

We also found out that two of his friends in the neighborhood have jeep power wheels, So I think they will be starting a mini jeep club! I can't wait to get them all together and get pictures of it!


  1. Oh my god that is so freaking cute! Love the father/son time, the little dude in his new ride....great stuff! Defintely gotta get pics of the other dudes in the neighborhood!

    1. It is pretty adorable! I can't wait for the mini jeep meet-up :)

  2. oh oh - there goes the neighbourhood - the Mini wheels are taking over. LOL

    so awesome. my kids would go nuts for these too. my tomboy daughter especially has her eye on the Barbie one (her cousin has it). Have to admit...I have some great memories of 4 wheelin around the country trails so I can I can't blame them for wanting it.

    1. So true Rory! They are pretty awesome, My husband and I both had one growing up. Actually the same exact model LOL. Thank goodness we found one cheap!

  3. Damn, that's cool! Didn't everyone want to have something like this when they were little?

    On the other hand, this post sort of terrifies me. What do I know of power cars and boy stuff? I am about to be thrust into a brand new world, aren't I? Except no handy husband. I use our drill more than he does!

    1. Its awesome, now getting him out of it is another story. And yes, you are going to be thrown into a world of boy things! Most of it is awesome! Guess you'll be learning how to fix a power wheels! I watched what they did, didn't look too hard.


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