Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Has FINALLY Arrived

Wow! I haven't been around in days. Summer has finally arrived here in Washington! It usually happens after the 4th of July anyways.

kenny chesney ♥

I have been trying to learn how to juggle two kids. Going from one to two is turning out to be much more difficult than I thought. Once I get one kid happy and not screaming the other one starts in. Or one kid sleeps, the other doesn't. Its like this all day, starting at 6 am, and not ever ending. 

For some reason Jensen is sleeping worse at night, and getting up to snack on 1 oz... every 2 hours....ugh! And its taking him half an hour or longer to eat that 1 oz.... oy vey!  And just wants to be held and cuddled all the time. While I love to just hold him since he is my last baby, I would like to go to the bathroom, or change the laundry over without his screaming.

Jakah has also decided to show off his fierce independence and stubbornness. (I have no idea where he would get that from, ahem) He has to do everything himself. You can't help him get into the car, or open the gate, he has to do it. Or throwing tantrums for random silly things, Like not letting him eat butter out of te butter dish (I'm such a mean mom!)....Yes I am excited for him to be independent BUT it makes tasks go 10 times longer, and sometimes it just frustrates me. 

I feel like I am run down, and a little crabby. From lack of sleep? or just tired? listening to too many tantrums? Need a break???

Anyways we have also been spending TONS of time outside in the beautiful sunshine!
(I'm going to apologize for the massive amounts of pictures in advance)
S'more time!

Watching Fireworks


I love this smile


More relaxing

Nap time

Exploring the woods

Good ol' Tire Swing

Not sure about sprinklers

Truck Wash?

Bet he learned this from Dad!

Cousin sprinkler time!

Hanging out

Awe! One of my favorite pictures so far!

I didn't Do it!
Well my 3 minutes of me time is up! As you can see we have been busy enjoying the sunshine! Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Going from one to two was def the hardest for me! Everything else from there was fairly easy. You'll find your rhythm I promise
    Ok I'm glad it's finally summer here but does it have to be so extremely hot?I can take the 80's ... I moved away from AZ because of the high 90's and 100's temps!

    1. It is definitely hotter on your side of the mountains! Its been in the 80's over here. Plus being pregnant in the heat sucks! I only had to deal with it for a little while and I was DYING! Thank god we bought AC for the house last summer! Our house would be in the 100's without it!

  2. No wonder you're tired! You have two little kids of which one is just a baby. I remember when I was in that stage. Sleep or lack there of it was my worst enemy. I feel for ya mama but it also looks like you're managing to have some fun this summer admist some of the chaos that comes from having little ones.

    1. We are definitely taking advantage of the sunshine!

  3. This too shall pass. No really, it will. For now, try to get a little more sleep, drink plenty of water and eat some healthy stuff. And just keep enjoying the sun! Although as I write this, we're having a big ole thunderstorm!

    1. We had that same thunderstorm :) If I remember right you aren't too far from me! Its good to hear that this passes and others have survived it :)

  4. I can only imagine juggling two is twice the work. But in a couple of years time they will be the ones playing with eachother instead of you sitting on the floor having to build legos :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Very true Stasha! Its just been a tough week, wasn't even trying to complain on here but it just came out!

  5. I'm sorry it's been so hard. The newborn-toddler combo is tough, but like it was said, it will get easier. I'm glad you've been able to enjoy the sun! It sure makes a difference when we've lived with gray skies and rain all year long.

    1. The weather has really made a difference! Sunshine is good :)


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