Friday, August 17, 2012

Old Fashioned Tractor Pull

Whew where has this week gone!?

We haven't done a whole lot this week, just relaxed. Which is good cause we are having record heat and heat advisories. Its 95 in Seattle, so around 100 out here.

Thank God we installed air conditioning last summer! When it was 75 outside the inside of our house would be 85. Ugh!

Anyways last weekend we went to a tractor pull and show. Because yes we live in a small hick town. Seriously, the tractor pull  and show was one someones personal farm.

pictures are from my phone, my new camera arrived on Wednesday and I have been busy playing with it!

Watching the tractors

This lady is in her 80's, and never once smiled!

Rocking her riding lawn mower tractor

Old hay baler

Amazing view

Next time you are wondering what us hicks do out in small town America, remember we are probably at the tractor pull! (or the county fair, but that's next weekend!)

Happy Friday!


  1. I went to a tractor show once, and the experience was remarkable! It was actually my grandpa’s idea to go to that show, since he’s fond of tractors. I really love seeing old, but sleek trucks! They just remind me of our country home. =)

    1. Tractor shows and car shows are a very common favorite thing for us to do in the summer. :) And we live in the country!


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