Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WTF Wednesday - Toddler Edition

Today my lovely toddler had me saying WTF twice

First, this morning in the car on the way to grandma's house
Me - Jakah, want to go get a haircut today?
Jakah - No mama no
Me - We can get ice cream afterwards
Jakah - YAY Ice Cream YAY!!!!!
Me - Well you have to get a haircut to get ice cream
Jakah - No mama, no haircut. just ice cream

sigh.... my kid is so stubborn that even bribery doesn't work

Later while at grandma's house (yes I left the boys there so I could run into the grocery store for 5 things in peace) Jakah came running up to me as soon as I got back acting like I had been gone all day. Looks like he wants a hug, so I bend down to give him a hug where instead he sticks out his tongue and  goes PPPFFFTTTT and spits all over my face. I tell him that's not nice as he runs away giggling. My mom asks why don't I do it back to him and maybe he will stop. I told her I have and he thinks its a fun game to play. She busts up laughing as hard as she can and says "he acts just like you did!" 

Sigh.... Thanks mom!

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