Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Funnies

Holy Moly where did September go?

Looking thru our calender, we realized the next few months are filled with wedding activities (My sister-in-law is getting married in December), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge! We are going to be busy! Hopefully we can find time to go to the pumpkin patch and other fun fall things.

Anyways onto the Funnies!

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So true!


lol yep yep sounds like home

It seriously does! #gif #funny pictures #image #hehe

How I feel when people fight on Facebook

good conflict resolution

Our parents shouldn't text!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WTF Wednesday - JC Penney

I've been taking Jakah to JC Penney's for pictures since he was born. They don't charge much for sheets of pictures ($4 per sheet), and I get free sitting fees (I bought their membership which was $20 for 2 years. Or you pay $9 sitting fee each time)

I took Jakah in at newborn, 3 months, 6 months, Halloween, 1 year, 18 months, 2 years... etc.

Now I have started in with Jensen.

So I wanted to take them in for Jensen's 3 month pictures, and Halloween costume pictures. I also wanted to get some of Jakah, and perhaps the two of them together. In reality I had my sights set too high.

Anyways I wanted two sessions. Each session is 10 minutes, and you only get 20 pictures taken. No way was I going to get all the pictures I wanted in that amount of time or pictures.

When I called JC Penney to set up TWO sessions, I was told that two sessions per family per day was against their rules. You can also only use one coupon per day per family.

They assured me they could get all the pictures I wanted in one session.

Yeah right, in 10 minutes and 20 pictures (frames) there is no possible way you are going to get 3 month shots, Halloween costume shots, and brother pictures. And then have variety to chose from because frankly sometimes your pictures suck.

I've been here, and done this before.


So I set up the first session on Saturday, and the second on Monday. Thinking Saturday my husband could help, and Monday I could wrangle my mom into helping me.

Saturday was supposed to be Jakah's session, but he didn't get a nap and was in a bad mood. So I did Jensen's. They turned out fine, I ordered what I wanted and then used my ONE coupon per ONE session that day.

Monday rolls around, I wrangle the boys to get to the mall AGAIN.

Jakah decided to be the wonderful, sweet child I raised and promptly threw a tantrum and refused to even go into the room. Sigh....

Yep this is the picture I got of Jakah... Awesome!

So Jensen ended up getting more pictures done. I was already there, and some of the pictures did come out cute.

JC Penney, Your rule to one have ONE session per family per day SUCKS! What the hell am I supposed to do with two kids. Oh yeah come out twice. To the mall. The mall that is 45 minutes away, just to get pictures.

Thanks for making my life just a little bit easier

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Listicles - 10 Things In My Home


How was everyone's weekend?!

Saturday I was able to take my dad home! He has been in the hospital and rehabilitation center for over a month and he was finally told to leave! Yay! After I took him home I bravely took the kids to get pictures done. We only got Jensen's pictures, and have to go back today to get Jakah's done. Ugh! Yesterday I spent the day at my parents house helping my dad out. He is still getting used to getting around his house in a wheel chair. (f you don't remember what happened you can read it here)

Anyways, this week Stasha has asked us to list 10 things in our home for Monday Listicles. I had every intention of taking pictures for this, but didn't have the time. So just use your imagination!

10 Things In My Home

1. It looks like Toys R Us threw up in my living room. There are toys everywhere, but they are neatly piled into buckets and the train table Casey made, to look somewhat organized.

2. Even though we spent HOURS scraping the floor last week (you can read about it Here) There are muddy foot prints on the wood floors. Stitch insists on digging holes in the back yard

3. Almost every inch of walls are covered in pictures. Every room of the house also has a stack of photo albums. I get all our pictures printed every month and put them into albums. I am obsessed with pictures.

4. Downstairs there is a pool table that hasn't been played in years. It is holding all the baby clothes until they are needed. I want to get rid of it, but Casey says the boys will play with they are older

5. Speaking of downstairs, I have an elliptical, baby clothes, baby items (high chair) and a set of bunk beds taking up space.  I can't get rid of any of it yet.

6. I have a drawer over flowing with kitchen gadgets. I don't use half of them, yet I keep buying more

7. My  kitchen also has rocks on the wall. We made our back splash from rocks. I have never seen another one like it

8. In my dining room, that is connected to the kitchen, I have one red wall. I also spray painted my dining table chairs to match. My mom also loaned me a painting that my great grandma painted (because she doesn't have a big enough wall). She is 105 years old.

9. My husband and I sleep in a huge Tempur-Pedic king size bed with separate comforters. We started doing this year ago when we got tired of stealing the blankets from each other. It leads to great sleep, but not much cuddling.

10. The boys have almost the same room, except on is blue and gray, one is blue and green. My brother-in-law helped my husband paint both rooms since I wasn't allowed to paint while pregnant. But I did hand painted the trucks on their walls.

So there you have it, 10 things in my home!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Funnies

Whew, my lovely husband came home from work yesterday and we quickly finished scraping the rest of the floor! Yay! Its beautiful and looks brand new again :)

Which is good cause tomorrow my dad FINALLY gets to go home! And we have to go get him. and then go take Jakah to get his pictures done. I'll have a WTF about JC Penney on Wednesday for sure! I'm still mad at them right now.

Anyways onto the Friday Funnies!

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Real Mom Confessions from

Since the iPhone 5 comes out today these seems appropriate

get an I Phone

This never works at my house!

Maybe I should get this for Casey's Christmas present
This looks pretty handy for all the cowboys and cowgirls out there! :)

And last but not least
This one seriously has me laughing! Its awesome :)

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

WTF Thursday - Wood Floors and Murphy's Oil

I had every intention of posting this yesterday, so it would be a proper WTF Wednesday. But time got away from me, and right now is the only free / quiet time I have.

For the past week, OK since Sunday, I have spent almost every free minute I have (so an hour if I am lucky) scraping my wood floors BY HAND

I was mopping the floor and saw that it was cloudy, not clean and shiny. I rubbed it with my finger only to find out this filmy grime came off. Ugh! Its not wax, since I don't have the time or energy to wax the floor. The only conclusion I can come up with is its cleaner build-up.

Murphy's Oil to be exact. Something that has been around for forever so I figured it was good for the wood floors. Apparently not!

And since its cleaner build-up I can't bring myself to use cleaner to get it up.

So instead I have been scraping the floor by hand with a plastic scraper.

Can you see the little cloudy spot on the left I hadn't scraped yet? Its like that ALL over my floor. The entire upstairs of my house.

This is what comes up, and it takes FOREVER to scrap it. Because first I have to steam mop the crap out of it.
My husband thought I was scraping the varnish off, but varnish wouldn't come up with just a steam mop and scraping.

Did I mention the ENTIRE upstairs has to be done!? So far it has taken me 3 days to get the hallway done and part of the kitchen. (of course I am doing this with both kids around so I don't get to work on it as much as I need to)

Saturday the kids are going to grandma's and my husband and I will be moving everything out of the house and scraping the floor and getting it back to where it should be.

Nothing like spending some kid free time with your husband.... scraping the floors.

Anyone who wants to come help I'll give you your own scraper and beer!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Listicles - 10 Things about My Wedding

This week, for Monday ListiclesStasha has asked us to list 10 things wedding! 

I've been to a fair share of weddings, even been in a few. But my list is going to be 10 things about my wedding! Cause its the only one I am an expert on.

My wedding was just a little over 7 years ago and of course I had to do all my planning the old fashioned way, you know, without Pinterest!

10 things about my wedding

1. We picked July 24th because there is a 5% chance of rain. Our wedding was outside, so we wanted as little of a chance of rain as possible. Turns out it was stinking hot! (maybe just me in my dress!)
Did I mention it was hot!

2. My colors were black and white, before it was a trendy thing to do. (I must have started the trend!) I debated adding a color, but so many told me that I HAD to, so I rebelled. Yes, even my flowers were black and white.

3. My cake was a re-creation of my grandparents cake that they had at their wedding. I still love it

4. Our photographer was horrible. We had hired one, that had done other family members weddings. She had a death in the family and wasn't going to make it. Her assistant had to "convince" her (ie she got a huge bonus! and told us about it!) to come out and take pictures. I didn't get any pictures I wanted taken, you know likes one with my family and my husband, or a picture of my husband's face when he got to see me for the first time. (the whole reason we didn't see each other BEFORE the wedding!)

5. We were married at a log cabin on a Sunday. Its the only place that let us bring our own caterer (we had Hawaiian food made by a friend) and we were able to keep the place for 22 hours! Most of our wedding party stayed and partied with us all night long. Our names are also carved into a pole in the middle of the cabin.

6. I bought my dress at David's Bridal, and had it altered to what I wanted. I liked everything about it, except that it was strapless. So I had criss-cross straps added. And had it taken in a ton because I was freaking skinny and lost all kinds of weight! 

7. For my "Something Blue" I wore blue tennis shoes

8. My flower girl is someone I started babysitting when she was a baby, now she is 13! She didn't like most guys, but she loved Casey

9. It is the only wedding either of my grandparents were able to go to before they died. And I was the only grand kid they got to see get married.

10. Family drama way out of our control happened, cause well all the family was together in one place. (it happens!) We tried not to let it ruin our day, but I swear there were points where you could cut the tension with a knife!

and my one piece of advice for anyone getting married...

Don't stress out on the little details, its one day, to celebrate your love. No one will  notice if the favors aren't tied just right, or if the seats are just a little bit off! Enjoy yourself! That one day that you planned and worked so hard for goes by faster than you think!

Here are more random pictures from my wedding, because really how often do you get to show off wedding pictures anymore?