Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Trip to the State Fair

Did you know that I grew up in a town that has a state fair?! As a kid we went every year, as a teenager I worked there, now as an adult I take my kids Ha ha!

The fair didn't seem quite as fun this year. There didn't seem to be as much stuff to look at. Possibly because we went on the last day and stuff was closing down? Casey had taken the boys opening weekend (while I was at the hospital with my dad) And he said there wasn't as much stuff then either.

Oh well the boys had fun! Well Jakah did anyways, Jensen slept threw most of it.

We pet baby piggies

And the boys rode tractors

It was Jakah's first year being tall enough for rides. I don't think he liked them much

This one he got on, and then ran off before any other kids even got on

He had fun with dad on the big slide!

While  Casey took our nephew on the big rides, we wandered around and found pig races!

Aunt Toby, Jakah, Jensen and Grandma

My aunt Toby is visiting from Arizona! We took her to the fair. I think she had fun! We also took her to get Jakah's haircut. This time went much better than his first haircut. He didn't scream or cry the entire time, just moved around a lot.

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend!

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  1. I seriously thought about going to the fair, but my kids ended up being gone so much in August, including over this weekend. Your pictures are cute!

    1. It just seemed very overpriced this year! But we had fun. You can always go to the Puyallup!

  2. It looks like so much fun! I would have loved to been there going down that HUGE slide! BTW: what is an Alaskan Racing Pig? Why are pigs racing in Alaska? I thought that was sled dogs? :-)

    1. LOL I don't know, it was just a bunch of pigs racing :) It was funny to watch though!


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