Thursday, September 20, 2012

WTF Thursday - Wood Floors and Murphy's Oil

I had every intention of posting this yesterday, so it would be a proper WTF Wednesday. But time got away from me, and right now is the only free / quiet time I have.

For the past week, OK since Sunday, I have spent almost every free minute I have (so an hour if I am lucky) scraping my wood floors BY HAND

I was mopping the floor and saw that it was cloudy, not clean and shiny. I rubbed it with my finger only to find out this filmy grime came off. Ugh! Its not wax, since I don't have the time or energy to wax the floor. The only conclusion I can come up with is its cleaner build-up.

Murphy's Oil to be exact. Something that has been around for forever so I figured it was good for the wood floors. Apparently not!

And since its cleaner build-up I can't bring myself to use cleaner to get it up.

So instead I have been scraping the floor by hand with a plastic scraper.

Can you see the little cloudy spot on the left I hadn't scraped yet? Its like that ALL over my floor. The entire upstairs of my house.

This is what comes up, and it takes FOREVER to scrap it. Because first I have to steam mop the crap out of it.
My husband thought I was scraping the varnish off, but varnish wouldn't come up with just a steam mop and scraping.

Did I mention the ENTIRE upstairs has to be done!? So far it has taken me 3 days to get the hallway done and part of the kitchen. (of course I am doing this with both kids around so I don't get to work on it as much as I need to)

Saturday the kids are going to grandma's and my husband and I will be moving everything out of the house and scraping the floor and getting it back to where it should be.

Nothing like spending some kid free time with your husband.... scraping the floors.

Anyone who wants to come help I'll give you your own scraper and beer!


  1. The hardwood floor is the symbol of the latest trend in house construction and designing. People readily accept hardwood flooring in their house but providing it proper maintenance is not everyone’s cup of tea. Few points are discussed on this platform which might increase life as well as shine of wooden flooring for longer time. This is the key punch of this platform which made it popular in common man.

    1. I wish proper care and maintenance was an easier subject to find

  2. Sorry to know that you have so much work to do on those floors. But at least you have the best flooring!

  3. Hardwood flooring requires more attention than other types of flooring, do you know that moisture it he biggest enemy of wooden floor, make sure you polish it frequently, take care of the minor damages and keep it as clean as possible.

    1. Thanks for reminding me to polish it!

  4. Awesome Work!!!!!!! Keep it up dude :)


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