Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WTF Wednesday - JC Penney

I've been taking Jakah to JC Penney's for pictures since he was born. They don't charge much for sheets of pictures ($4 per sheet), and I get free sitting fees (I bought their membership which was $20 for 2 years. Or you pay $9 sitting fee each time)

I took Jakah in at newborn, 3 months, 6 months, Halloween, 1 year, 18 months, 2 years... etc.

Now I have started in with Jensen.

So I wanted to take them in for Jensen's 3 month pictures, and Halloween costume pictures. I also wanted to get some of Jakah, and perhaps the two of them together. In reality I had my sights set too high.

Anyways I wanted two sessions. Each session is 10 minutes, and you only get 20 pictures taken. No way was I going to get all the pictures I wanted in that amount of time or pictures.

When I called JC Penney to set up TWO sessions, I was told that two sessions per family per day was against their rules. You can also only use one coupon per day per family.

They assured me they could get all the pictures I wanted in one session.

Yeah right, in 10 minutes and 20 pictures (frames) there is no possible way you are going to get 3 month shots, Halloween costume shots, and brother pictures. And then have variety to chose from because frankly sometimes your pictures suck.

I've been here, and done this before.


So I set up the first session on Saturday, and the second on Monday. Thinking Saturday my husband could help, and Monday I could wrangle my mom into helping me.

Saturday was supposed to be Jakah's session, but he didn't get a nap and was in a bad mood. So I did Jensen's. They turned out fine, I ordered what I wanted and then used my ONE coupon per ONE session that day.

Monday rolls around, I wrangle the boys to get to the mall AGAIN.

Jakah decided to be the wonderful, sweet child I raised and promptly threw a tantrum and refused to even go into the room. Sigh....

Yep this is the picture I got of Jakah... Awesome!

So Jensen ended up getting more pictures done. I was already there, and some of the pictures did come out cute.

JC Penney, Your rule to one have ONE session per family per day SUCKS! What the hell am I supposed to do with two kids. Oh yeah come out twice. To the mall. The mall that is 45 minutes away, just to get pictures.

Thanks for making my life just a little bit easier

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  1. That's the difference between a 3 month old and a two year old. They start to mess with your plans. He is terribly cute though. I did the JC Penney photo thing with my first. Sitting here right now, I have no idea where those pictures are or if they even still exist. Good luck getting more taken.

  2. I am already dreading Christmas pictures....

  3. lolololol that is pretty umm not funny should tell jc penny their policy sucks! lol New follower from the Mommy-Brain Mixer!

    1. Welcome! And I definitely let every employee there know that their policy sucks. But they didn't make it lol

  4. Thanks so much for your post on JCP photos. We were thinking about doing this and sending some of the shots to my parents in Arizona, but it seems like too much hassle! We will try to find another way.

    1. TO be honest, their pictures aren't bad, and pretty cheap ($4 a sheet and they have lots of coupons) I am just annoyed I can't get 2 appointments in one day.


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