Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Funnies and 4 months

Happy TGIF ya'll! This week has dragged and flown by at the same time! Excited for some girl time this weekend at a bridal shower, although I heard there are a ton of games... and I hate the games. Although bridal shower games are much more fun than baby shower games!

And I just realized today my baby boy is 4 months old! How the heck did that happen! 4 months already! And he has started sorta, kinda sleeping thru the night! 7:45 - 4:15.... FINALLY!!!! (Jakah started sleeping thru the night at 3 months)

Just look at this adorableness!

ANYWAYS... Let's bring on the funny!

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I love her

haha true life



And since I love me some How I Met Your Mother, I found these hilarious
HIMYM + Avengers!

This is linked up with Emily at Stop! She's Got A Camera!


  1. All I can say is that Jakah is too cute, I just want to kiss those wittle cheeks!

    1. That's Jensen, just Jakah is cute too :) They look almost the same. Its hard to tell some of their pictures apart!

  2. Ha! I love your funnies...That last picture of your cutie pie is pretty good too! Happy 4 months...our little one just turned 7 months and he is already talking up a storm, and is on the brink of crawling...way too soon.

    1. Ah crawling at 7 months! Way too soon!!!

  3. Jensen is full of adorableness! So darn cute! Love this post!


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