Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sunshine Award

Its a rainy, dark fall this week. I have a horrible cold, now with ear infections. And a couple of kids who also have the cold.

But Diane from Our Adventures with Riley was out spreading sunshine and has given me the Sunshine Award.

The rules are to answer the 8 questions, and then spread some sunshine to 8 other bloggers that you think are awesome!

Here it goes....

1. What is your favorite Christmas / Holiday Movie?
I have a three... A Christmas Story, and yes I watch the full 24 hours of it, Elf of course, and 4 Christmas's is HILARIOUS

2. What is your favorite flower?
I love roses, especially yellow, orange or purple roses. My favorite

3. What is your favorite (non-alcoholic) drink?
Why not alcohol?! I guess it would be coffee Ha ha!

4. What is your passion?
I like Diane's answer... passion means guilty pleasure right?! Again I would have to agree with her, slot machines, reading, pedicures, white cheddar popcorn, and long island iced teas

5. What is your favorite time of the year?
Summer hands down! Its so nice, you can just be outside for forever! And it doesn't rain much here

6. What is your favorite time of the day?
Well... I hate that I still get up early, but its my favorite time cause the kids are sleeping and its quiet. I can do things I want to... like blog, or read blogs Ha ha! And its the only time of the day they sleep at the same time

7. What is your favorite physical activity?
Now, walking with the boys. Before... playing basketball

8. What is your favorite vacation?
Without kids, Fiji! With kids... so far we have only done one and it was San Diego. I would love to go back there!

Now onto the 8 blogs I am handing awards out to
1. Emily at Stop! She's Got A Camera!
2. Tami at Pretty Purplexing
3. Mary at Sweet Little Bluebird
4. Stacie at Snaps and Bits
5. Leslie at Pampers, Play Dates and Parties
6. Monica at Peeper Summarized
7. Recovering Supermom
8. Caitlin at Mrs. MidAtlanic


  1. You are so sweet, Audrey! Thank you for the award! My two fav Christmas movies are a Christmas Story & Elf. We watch BOTH every year on Christmas day! I have a leg nightlight in my kitchen I keep out year round :O) Hope you feel better. I had to pick up my oldest from school today - second trip to the doctor in 8 days, now she is on some meds! I hope you both feel better!

    1. I went the the Dr again for the 2nd time this week. These ear infections are just killing me and I can't get the pain to go away :(

  2. You picked ME?? You are the sweetest! Purple roses are definitely my top flower! Never been to Fiji. Sounds like heaven though. I hope you and the kids feel better. It's no fun to be sick, especially when the kids are sick too!

    1. Of course I picked you :) The kids are feeling better but I can't shake my ear infections, or the pain.

  3. Thanks for the sunshine!! I received this award a couple of weeks ago, but you're so sweet to think of me! I tried to answer #3 with "wine!" :)

    1. I wish I liked wine, but after 2 weekends of tastings I still don't like it

  4. Yay! Thanks! I'm gonna get on that ASAP! Are you linking up any funnies this week?

    1. I want to, but I am so stinking sick with double ear infections that aren't getting in better. So I don't think so :(


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