Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Funnies #15 Vasectomy

Today my husband goes in to get a vasectomy. From the beginning we decided we only wanted two kids. And while we are both happy he is getting it done, a part of me is / was a little sad. Until my 2 year old decided to act up and remind me all over again for the 14,000 time why I can only handle two kids.

I was never really a baby person, but after having a couple I get it. Although I hate being pregnant, getting to hold a new baby for the first time is amazing! Guess I'll have to hold friends and families babies.

So this weeks funnies are brought to you by vasectomies!

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My husband didn't find this amusing when I offered to buy it for him

He won't wear this shirt to his appointment either....


Hope everyone has a better weekend than my husband! Although I did buy him a vasectomy present (he did buy me "push presents" after all), Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

And I am taking the boys away for most of the weekend. That way he can lay around and play his video game in peace... with a nice cold bag of peas
Ha ha ha!

Besides, we all know men complain way more about any tiny little thing than women, and I don't wanna hear him bitch and moan!

Oh did I mention he has all of next week off too! Oy vey!

And now....

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  1. Get several packs of frozen peas and a jock strap. My husband (who has had TWO vasectomies...and TWO reversals!) says that combo was a godsend. Good luck to your husband! Love the funnies!

    1. Ah I will tell him to try that! Your husband is brave to do it twice and then get it reversed twice!

  2. My husband laid around for DAYS! First two with frozen peas on his *boo-boo. He complained so bad. Finally on day four I said (okay, maybe yelled).. get over it, I pushed out three babies and I didn't whine this much! Next day he was up and about. LOL

    1. I have a feeling that is how this is going to go! He is already complaining that he got 2 stitches! Seriously pushed out 2 kids and had way more than 2 stitches! Which is why I bought him a video game... to keep him outta my hair!

  3. These were great! Glad it went well and the road to recovery is going well. Throughout the last month and a half I've been wondering how the hell people manage more than one and not go crazy!

    1. I often wonder that every day, while dealing with 2!

  4. That's hilarious! I bet he didn't need all that time to recover, did he?

    1. He normally takes Thanksgiving week off anyways, it only uses 3 of his vacations days and he gets the whole week off paid Ha ha! But its a good thing he did, after the procedure was done they told him he couldn't lift more than 20 lbs for 7 days. Most his tools and parts weigh more than that!

  5. There are always two sides in every situation. The best we can do is to decide to react optimistically. I’m sure a year after the procedure, the sadness was alleviated, if not totally vanished. ;)


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