Monday, November 19, 2012

Vacation Week

Happy Monday Everyone! Hopefully everyone had a good weekend. My husband has survived his procedure and seems to be doing OK.

He has the rest of the week off, and we have lots of stuff planned. Today we are going to see Santa! I know its early, but pictures are cheaper, there's no line cause kids are in school, and my husband is around to help wrangle at the mall!

Tomorrow we are off to the Great Wolf Lodge! I cashed in on a Living Social deal and got 8 people in for $250! So my sister, her fiance and 3 of their kids are going with us. Yay for cousin time. Its pretty exciting cause none of the kids know, its a huge surprise :)

And then there is Thanksgiving! And some Christmas Shopping. No, I am not going out to the stores for Black Friday. Instead I will be shopping online. Did you  know that most the deals that are at the store are also valid online! And no lines or crazy people!

Hopefully I can come update or at least show some pictures, but if you don't hear from me its because we are taking advantage of vacation week.

I have some exciting things coming up. My first ever giveaway will start next week! Just in time for Christmas!

In case I'm not back, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoy it with your family!


  1. So glad the "procedure" went ok. :) Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving week!

    1. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving also!


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