Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Listicles - Crushes

Happy New Year everyone! It's the last day of 2012!!!! We don't have any plans, life of a parent I guess. I will be doing a Christmas recap post this week also.

I might stay up until 10:01 pm this year. Oh YEAH.

But for today's Monday ListiclesStasha with the help of Kate from Can I Get Another Bottle of Wine with My Morning Quiet Time has come up with 3 different topics to chose from. 10 Tweets, 10 Thing's Totally 80's or 10 Crush's.
Since I was born in the 80's, My list would mostly be kid toys, so I am going with 10 crush's. Cause why not look at hot guys on the last day of the year.

10 Crush's

1. Ryan Reynolds
By the way I just watched a movie called The Nines with him in it. It was intriguing and I didn't even go on pinterest during the movie!

2. Jason Statham

My son was named after one of his characters from Death Race. Oh and he says my name a lot in his british accent in Transporter 2.

3. Jason Aldean

I do love cowboys

4. Luke Bryan

And country boys

5. Ryan Gosling
merry christmas!
He's hunky and I love the Hey Girl pictures

6. Mark Wahlberg

7. Chris Hemsworth

His brother isn't too shabby either

8. Josh Lucas
Josh Lucas Salma Hayek dating
Love the blue eyes!

9. James Marsden
James Marsden
Again with the blue eyes!

10. Chris Evans

I am obviously obsessed with J names... maybe that's why my kid's have J names.... and that's awkward...

Hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve!


  1. I love that you defined a crush by the fact you didn't go on pinterest during his movie. I should show this to my husband to prove I'm not the only one who multi-tasks.

    1. Most days the only time I get to go on is while my husband is watching something stupid Ha ha!

  2. You had me at #1. Ryan Reynolds is way high up on my crush list. Love that cartoon up there, too. Hubs teases me because I'm usually asleep on the couch by 10...

    1. He's hunky! I'll be asleep by 9 for sure! The baby still doesn't sleep thru the night and I am exhausted

  3. We're equally creepy when it comes to naming our children!

  4. I definitely appreciated your list. :)

  5. Having.... a hard time...reading...right now...
    Great pictures!!! Thanks for a nice break for my eyes! :D

    1. I didn't put much words in to read for a reason :)

  6. That Ryan Reynolds pic is awesome! And I love that you have Markie Mark holding Ted. Awesome! :) Ellen

    1. Ryan makes me want to hope onto that motorcycle with him!

  7. Yu a a true friend sharing these photos. Love you for all 10 :) happy 2013!


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