Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Peek Into Our Week # 2

This week has been busy! I start work next Monday and planning a birthday party this week has taken up a lot of time. Jakah is so excited for is tractor birthday party on Sunday. So we have been finishing up things for that.

It's also been raining. Like pouring rain for 3 days straight. So no outside time for us. Thank goodness today is sports day, Jakah needs to run!

Jensen has gotten crawling down. He is so fast now! And he tries to pull himself up to standing already. Slow down little boy!

Let's take a peek into our week...

Last week we play soccer at sports. I really thought Jakah would be more into it since he talk about soccer non-stop. Instead he just laid in the goal.

We went to the party store to pick up some last minute party things, and Jakah enjoyed trying on all the glasses

And then we went to Red Robin where he learned how to take pictures of himself on my phone

A week ago I bought him a book "The Little Blue Truck" He only likes books about trucks, trains, tractors, etc... So if I can get him excited to want to read I take it. Except we read "The Little Blue Truck" 5679 times in the first week. So I took him back to the book store where he got another blue truck book and a red truck book. Listening to me read to him must be working because he has the first pages memorized and I heard him reading these books to the dog and his baby brother

I know we did more during the week, but my stupid "smart" phone won't let me get the pictures off of it.

How was your week!?


Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Listicles - What I wanted to do or be when I grew up

Monday already! Whew that weekend flew by!

This week for Monday Listicles, Wendy the Twisted Domestic Goddess suggested we list out 10 things we wanted to do or be when we grew up. Well ain't that a difficult one! I don't remember having too many career goals, maybe I was hoping to marry rich?

1. Reporter - My mom still has tapes of me "interviewing" my sister on our tape recorder. Of course this was after my sister pushed me in our power wheels (my dad never bought us another battery) to get to the story! There may also be a few verses of the classic song Diarrhea recorded on those tapes.

2. Historian - I love history, and am totally nerdy and wanted to tell others about it

3. Builder - I really have no idea what I would build, but I loved the smell of cedar wood (still do) and wanted to work with wood so I could smell it all day long

4. Professional Shopper - I love shopping, love deal hunting, love it all. I guess I already kinda do that job, except its our money and its usually groceries

5. Cowgirl - Seemed like fun hanging out on a ranch full of cute cowboys!

6. Stewardess - I thought it would be fun to get paid to travel the world

7. Movie Reviewer - I really wanted to be paid to watch movies and review them

8. Beach Bum - I really wanted to just live on the beach, in a hut.

9. Photographer - I LOVED taking pictures in high school, but I mostly loved doing the developing work in the dark room

10. Pastry Chef - This is the only thing I can ever remember really wanting to do, with a passion. But for now I just cook / bake for my boys

Never Grow Up

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Funnies # 22

Happy Friday! This week was long and so very challenging. I lost my patience about 3 days ago, and turns out you can get anymore anywhere! Ugh!

Anyways I don't know about you, but I need a laugh! (and possibly a very strong margarita or two!)

This week Emily has created a community Pinterest board for Friday Funnies! If you would like to contribute just let me know and I can add you. If not follow me on Pinterest anyways :)

Now for some laughs!

Tom Hanks, ladies and gentlemen


Sometimes a mom just needs a 5 minute break! haha

I totally want to do this to my parents and then see how long it takes them to see the baby
who can we do this to? ...

And last but not least
Although I usually just say "Son of a Me!"

Hope everyone has a good weekend! It's one of the last free ones for me before I start working tax season!

P.S. Have you signed up to get a present from me?! You Should! Who Wants Mail

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Peek Into Our Week # 1

Are you on Instagram? You should be! I love it! It's fun seeing what other people are up to, and seeing others perspective on things. Follow me and I'll follow back!

It's been freaking cold out! So cold, and so foggy, yet no snow so kinda useless. But the boys are tired of being cooped up in the house. Honestly I'm tired of having them cooped up. They are driving me up the wall. So if it's not raining outside we go. Yes, it's below freezing and the snow from 2 weeks ago hasn't melted but it's not raining! So I just bundle them up and off we go!

Jakah also started toddler sports at the YMCA last week. Its a 6 week class for 2 -3 year olds. They learn basketball, T-ball, and soccer. It's a way to get him running, playing sports, and being around other kids. I have been telling him every day he can't wear rain boots to play sports, he has to wear tennis shoes. That worked out well, he was excited to wear his tennis shoes and told me he can't wear boots. Score!
I was not expecting him to cry and hang onto me for the first 20 minutes. That has never happened. After that he realized everyone was having fun and he wanted to join in. Now he can't stop talking about basketball. We get to go again today.

We also started potty training this week. Not being super strict about it, just making sure he uses the bathroom more instead of just at bath time like before. He now asks for pull-ups, and in the afternoon asks to wear big boy underwear. I put all the candy into a bucket so he can see it. (Thank god Santa brought too much candy!) He seems excited and keeps trying to go to get candy. He did have his first accident last night, but it's ok.

What have you been up to this week?


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who Wants Mail

Do you like getting gifts? Do you enjoy it more than receiving gifts?

I LOVE giving gifts. Trying to find that perfect thing for someone. Sending a card to a friend just because it's a Tuesday.

I saw this on my friend Tami's blog, Pretty Purplexing and knew instantly I wanted to do it!

So the first 10 people who respond to this post will receive something special from me in the mail! It might be baked goods (most likely!), a trinket, soap or it might just be a card. It's a surprise!

At some point during 2013, I want to send something to YOU! And you get something other than bills in the mail!!! Who doesn't love that!?

So go ahead, comment away!

P.S. Don't worry about sending me your address, I promise I won't stalk you! Did you forget that I have two little kids under 3, I don't have time for stalking! Oh and I won't mail you a kid! It's against the law!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Listicles - What's In My Closet

Happy Monday!!! How was your weekend? It's still cold and so foggy here!

This week Stasha from The Good Life has asked us to show her what's in our closet. I took a few pictures, and its scary!

So let's play I Spy! Can you find....

10 Things In My Closet
 photo blog531_zps3aaeb696.jpg  photo blog530_zps337f3417.jpg  photo blog529_zps20d2accf.jpg

6 pairs of cowgirl boots, 15 pairs of flip flops, 2 pairs of water shoes, 3 pairs of sneakers and a few of my husband's stray shoes
5 purses, 5 beach bags, 1 gym bag,
2 feather boas
1 boxed wedding dress and 1 puffy petticoat thing that goes under the dress, that I should sell because no one will ever wear it again
3 bridesmaid dresses, one that has never been worn since the wedding was called off
4 weights
1 curtain rod
1 walking cast from when I fractured my foot doing the Susan G. Koman 60 mile walk
1 cabbage patch doll that my grandma made me
1 tiara that I wore for my wedding

Well now that is embarrassing, especially since that's just my side of the closet! Thanks for the inspiration to clean out my closet!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Funnies # 21

Happy Friday! How was your week? Any plans for the weekend? I get to go to the mall ALONE!!! No boys!!! I have to pick up Jensen's 6 month pictures we had done, and I have a ton of Gymboree bucks to go use! I love all their clothes for little boys, (especially since they have something other than monkey!) and how their jeans fit Jakah, so I will be getting him a few pairs of jeans at least. Yay for shopping! Even if it is for my boys and not me!

Now for the funnies! You can find most of these on my Pinterest board Laughs! Feel free to follow me! Follow Me on Pinterest

This is how I feel about most my neighbors
State Farm grumpy cat commercial!  lol!

I really REALLY need this shirt
Oh I need this...Story of my Life!!

This just makes me giggle
So funny!

I need to do this to my mom
My parents

Ha ha ha!

Story of my life

This picture is just hilarious (actually the whole site makes me laugh)
That awkward moment when you have to tape your baby to the window for the family picture...I seriously can't stop laughing!

I am baffled...

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope these made you giggle :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Listicles - 10 Favorite Movies

Happy Monday!!! Did you have a good weekend?

This week for our Monday Listicles task,  Ally from Just A Normal Mom has suggested we list our 10 Favorite Movie Quotes. But since I suck at remembering ANYTHING (seriously anything!). I am going to list my 10 Favorite Movies

I used to work at Blockbuster way back in high school. And have always loved watching movies. But kids are around and I am way behind on my movie watching.

I will watch these if they are on tv, or just pulling out the DVD, no matter how many times I have already seen them.

1. My ALL TIME favorite movie is Breakfast At Tiffany's. The boys won't watch it so I usually watch it alone.

2. Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell

3. Funny Face

4. Guys and Dolls

5. Roman Holiday

6. The Story Of Us - Just reminds me of how real relationships are

7. Lars and The Real Girl - This movie cracks me up! It's Hilarious!

8. Julie and Julia

9. Saved - So freaking funny!

10. Away We Go - LOVE, love, love this movie!

As you can see I love Audrey Hepburn, and many not very popular movies. Sometimes I find the independent, not huge blockbuster movies are the funniest.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Funnies # 20

Happy Friday!!! I haven't done a funny Friday for a while. Been having a little bit of bloggers block.

How was everyone's week? We had snow yesterday so spent the day (after a Dr appointment and a target run) playing in the snow. Jakah insisted on taking his power wheels in it.It was quite funny.

Any plans for the weekend? We are going out tomorrow to celebrate my husband's birthday. Kid free! It's only for dinner, but it's the little things right?

Now onto the funnies! You can find these on my Pinterest board Laughs! Feel free to follow me :) I follow back!
 Follow Me on Pinterest

This one made me giggle, I LOVE your mom jokes!

These commercials always make me laugh
One of the best commercials ever!
This is classic, just go poop if you are sick
Too funny... hahaha!

These two always make me laugh no matter what they are doing
those two together are too much!

Best reply possible in this situation. How I met your mother show

And Robin Williams is awesome
Love him.
Last but not least...
"My dad gives me this cake EVERY year on my birthday." <-- parenting done right  HILARIOUS

The caption on Pinterest says "My dad bought me this every year on my birthday"

Anything make you laugh this week?