Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Funnies # 20

Happy Friday!!! I haven't done a funny Friday for a while. Been having a little bit of bloggers block.

How was everyone's week? We had snow yesterday so spent the day (after a Dr appointment and a target run) playing in the snow. Jakah insisted on taking his power wheels in it.It was quite funny.

Any plans for the weekend? We are going out tomorrow to celebrate my husband's birthday. Kid free! It's only for dinner, but it's the little things right?

Now onto the funnies! You can find these on my Pinterest board Laughs! Feel free to follow me :) I follow back!
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This one made me giggle, I LOVE your mom jokes!

These commercials always make me laugh
One of the best commercials ever!
This is classic, just go poop if you are sick
Too funny... hahaha!

These two always make me laugh no matter what they are doing
those two together are too much!

Best reply possible in this situation. How I met your mother show

And Robin Williams is awesome
Love him.
Last but not least...
"My dad gives me this cake EVERY year on my birthday." <-- parenting done right  HILARIOUS

The caption on Pinterest says "My dad bought me this every year on my birthday"

Anything make you laugh this week?


  1. The evil Queen...I'm dying. it seems so wrong, being innocent Disney and all....but that's just freaking hilarious!! best prank ever. haha
    Love the cake too. can you imagine? LOL

    1. The queen is truly hilarious! And the cake... I hope my husband does that to my son one day LOL!!!

  2. Have to love Robin William's style. :)
    Wasn't expecting the queen one, though. Hilarious!

  3. I didn't even notice that was Robin Williams at first! I use to read those cake wrecks all the time! Great set this week! I'm not gonna put the linky up, but I'll add your link to my page whenever you do add friday funnies!

    1. I love cake wrecks! Thanks for adding the link :)

  4. So many things have me laughing in stitches! Queen Evil, Johnny crush and the bday cake! LOLOLOLOL!
    Have a wonderful weekend and happy birthday to the hubs!

    1. Ha ha glad I could get you laughing!!! :)


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