Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Peek Into Our Week # 5

Happy Wednesday!

Hope everyone is having a good week! This morning Jakah decided to come into our room at 5:25, flip on all the lights and proceed to tell me that his dad was at work. Mentally I was thinking No Shit Sherlock, but instead I just sent him back to his room. Of course he had woken up Jensen in all this too. So we've been rocking since 5:25 this morning.  And I really hate mornings, and being woken up.

Dear god I hope they take a nap today! Jakah hasn't napped since we switched his bed over to a big boy bed. And yesterday he woke his brother up again, so Jensen had a 45 minute nap all day!

Sigh... Happy Wednesday!

Want to see what we've been up to this week? Some of these pictures are on Instagram. You should follow me!

This last week the boys and I were hit with the awful flu! It was horrible! Luckily I only had it for about 24 hours, the boys didn't get so lucky. It was my first time being sick and taking care of sick kids. It sucked! My poor boy actually fell asleep on the couch, that NEVER happens.
 photo PhoneCamera634_zps4137f27c.jpg

I spent a few days doing 1,876 loads of laundry, steam cleaned the carpets and lysoled the heck outta everything to get rid of the flu.

We also played some basketball (before we all got sick) Today is our last session of toddler sports, but I heard they are opening up another session, so I'll sign Jakah up for it again. At least it gets us out of the house and playing with other kids.
 photo PhoneCamera633_zpsc23b6d1f.jpg

We had a tough 2 days of sitting in time out. Over stupid stuff. Looking back it was right before he got sick, so maybe that plays into it. Or it could be because he is three.

 photo PhoneCamera630_zpsf5158007.jpg

I went to work and did some tax returns. I don't like just giving out advice because I don't have the tax laws memorized. They change so often there is no point. But this time I did give out advice to my sister in law, who then told everyone what I said. I hoped and prayed I was right, and as soon as I got to work I looked it up. YES I was right! WOOHOOO
By the way this is about educator credits, so if you are a teacher you can take a credit of $250 for supplies you buy for your classroom. But many people don't know that you can write off the rest (anything over the $250, which for most teachers is a lot) on your itemized deductions.
 photo PhoneCamera642_zpsc3ab3e0b.jpg

Now that I have put most of you to sleep with tax laws....

We had some really nice spring like days outside. We've spent most the time playing at the park, or playing outside with our trucks. This is the first time Jensen has gotten to ride in the Lowe's race car. This picture makes me think SWAG! Ha ha!
 photo PhoneCamera648_zps1f93c6fc.jpg

While playing outside Jakah proceeded to pick up the older neighbor girl and give her rides in his jeep. Such a ladies man already

 photo PhoneCamera650_zps6a3d5e0f.jpg

What a nice big brother to push his baby brother. Of course he was trying to make him do wheelies and go super fast

 photo PhoneCamera654_zps68fa0934.jpg

Jakah also discovered the guitars from rock band downstairs. He then proceeded to tell me he was ready to rock and roll. Silly boy!

  photo PhoneCamera651_zpsa98033a8.jpg

What did you do this week?



  1. 5:25?!?!??! Absolute madness that is!

    It is so hard taking care of kids when you are ill. Glad you got over it quickly.

    I am jealous of your warm weather. It is frigid here.

    1. I thought 5:25 was ridiculous but this morning it was 3:45!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! We were lucky to get a few days of sun, but now its back to rain

  2. Cute pictures. Your baby is getting big! What a doll. Hang in there mama. You can make it.

    1. You know sometimes that is all you need to hear to make it threw the day! Thank You!

  3. Ugh. The flu sucks. Your boys, though?! OMG they're cute. Every time I see them, I swoon. I love how the older siblings love to push the younger ones and you end up running to catch up before they both topple over. Ha!

    1. So true! He was trying to push him down our very slightly steep driveway into the road.... And so it begins!

  4. The flu definitely sucks. I had it a while ago (as did the whole family) and I'm hoping we'll be spared for the rest of the season...
    Awesome pictures!
    (and I'm putting off my tax return as long as possible this year because I know I have to pay... I actually made some money writing and consulting last year, I just wonder where it went, lol)

    1. Probably the same place my money went for working tax season.

  5. Oh those curls, how do you keep your hands off his head? And you are so lucky I have 2,876 loads of laundry piled up at my house :)

    1. He doesn't like it when I play with his hair, but I LOVE it! I wish it was mine! Seriously! Bring some laundry over, I'm getting really good at doing it!

  6. Oh man! I hope they nap for you too! When things get really rough around here, I pile everyone in the car and cross my fingers some of them fall asleep. Mine are getting bigger now though's really just my youngest I need to crash. Oh, and has anyone completely escaped the flu this season. we've had stomach bugs not once, not twice, but three times since October. Thanks to 3 of mine being in school and yuck yuck germs!

    1. Nope, no nap! Well the baby napped, I finally put the 3 year old in my bed and turned on cartoons so at least he would be quiet and let the baby nap!

  7. Great pics! I hope everyone is feeling better. Oh, and the morning thing? It doesn't get better. :)


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