Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Funnies # 29

Happy Friday Everyone! This is my 300th post! WOOHOOO!

How was everyone's week? We have dove in head first into potty training. Today is day 2 of nakedness. Jakah needs no help when naked, but when wearing a diaper, pull-ups or even underwear he just goes to the bathroom in them.

So today we are eating salty foods (to get him to drink more), drinking milk, water and root beer, eating jelly beans for going potty, and just being naked (well I'm not naked, just him. I don't want to scar him!)

Hopefully it goes better than yesterday! He peed on the floor and his pillow on purpose, and then told me to clean it up. I am having none of that! So we spent an hour and a half throwing a full on kicking, screaming, crying tantrum (mostly him) about cleaning it up. He finally did it! And I don't think we'll be peeing on anything else on purpose, since he didn't like cleaning it up! Hooray!
I'm gonna use this one

Anyways onto the funnies! Emily and I have a community Friday Funny board on Pinterest. If you would like to be part of the group and add some funnies let me know and I will send you an invitation!

First OMG do you ever watch Teen Mom 2? Janelle was so obsessed with going to a Ke$ha concert (which I don't understand why), so this totally made me laugh!
literally the best part of the whole series it


I still hate Twilight...

We'll stare at anything in a circle.



Happy Friday Everyone! Wish me luck! And send beer! I'll need it!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day - White Chocolate Pudding Pie

Happy Pi Day! Did you know today was pi day (3.14 get it?)? I'm totally not into math, but it's always fun to celebrate a day with pie right!?

I made a white chocolate cream pie. Actually I made mini pie's and still had enough left over for a regular pie. It's one of my husband's favorites! I topped a few off with strawberries and blackberries. I've never added anything to this pie before, hopefully they taste yummy with the berries!

This is seriously one of the EASIEST pie recipes ever!

 photo 595dfc58-89a8-46e2-8d2c-e544a39e3c2a_zps594a8e30.jpg

White Chocolate Pudding Pie

1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
2 packages (1 oz box) Jello White Chocolate Pudding (I can only seem to find it in a sugar-free version)
2 cups of milk
1 tub (8 oz) cool whip, thawed
1 graham cracker crust (this time I bought 12 mini crusts, and still had some left over, so I made my own graham cracker crust for a pie)

Beat cream cheese and 1/2 cup of milk together in a large bowl with a wire whisk until smooth. Of course I just used my Kitchenaid.
Add remaining 1 1/2 cups of milk and pudding mixes.
Beat for 1 minute or until everything is blended
Beat in cool whip until smooth and well mixed together
Spoon into crust
Refrigerate for 4 hours

I have never had a problem with over mixing this recipe, I usually just turn on the mixer and let it go for a few minutes after adding each ingredient.

 photo blog547_zps32c312f8.jpg
 photo blog557_zps2fb11896.jpg  photo blog544_zps0af74065.jpg

 photo blog560_zpsd7922d74.jpg

Happy Pi Day!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Peek Into Our Week # 7

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks Greta at GFunkified for reminding me weekly to take the pictures off my camera :)

We had a few days of sunshine, and took the baby to the Dr for his 9 month check-up. And I realized that while he is still a "baby", he is so big now! Jensen seems to have moved to toddler stage so much faster than his brother.
 photo PhoneCamera681_zps3bbde1a5.jpg
 photo PhoneCamera684_zpsf1373860.jpg  photo PhoneCamera688_zps7bdc86ac.jpg

At least Jensen is more into cuddling with me than his brother ever was. Maybe it's because he is teething and clingy and never wants to be put down. He did let the Easter Bunny hold him!
 photo EasterBunny2_zps2e06d2c0.jpg  photo PhoneCamera698_zps1028e19b.jpg  photo 16_zps02d3afb3.jpg
Did you also know it was daylight savings this week?! How sad is it that I didn't even notice missing that hour, because I never really sleep anyways.

We took Jakah in for his 3 year pictures, which is always a process but at least we got a few cute ones.

 photo 15_zps76785cbb.jpg  photo 8_zps6ede2d69.jpg  photo 6_zps406ccbd8.jpg  photo 3_zps96e119ac.jpg

 photo 14_zps05432582.jpg 

Jakah got a haircut on Sunday (we should have done it before the pictures!), I feel like it makes him look so much younger.
 photo PhoneCamera690_zps04f3c3ff.jpg photo PhoneCamera706_zps5da43e12.jpg

We are also getting more into potty training. The way that seems to work the best is to just let him run around naked. He pees in underwear and pull ups, and so far there haven't been any accidents just being naked.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monday Listicles - 10 Favorite Smells

Oh poo its Tuesday! And I totally forgot to do Monday Listicles! It's OK if it's a day late right?!?

10 Favorite Smells

1. Baking - pretty much anything, cookies, cakes ANYTHING! Smells yummy!

2. Bread - It's a little weird that I have a candle that smells like french bread, but I love it

3. Fresh cut wood - Especially if it's Cedar

4. Lilac - Why isn't there more lilac scented candles?

5. Newborns

6. Kids fresh from the bath

7. Men's Cologne - My husband doesn't wear it often, but when he does I love it

8. Fresh Laundry - Sometimes I like to open the window and smell the laundry being dried in the dryer

9. Rain - Not just any rain, the rain that comes after a few days of sunshine.

10. New Leather

What's your favorite smell?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Funnies # 28

Happy Friday!!! I have been crabby, crabby, crabby this week. Don't really know why.

The great trailer problem reared it's ugly head again when we found out the guy dated the title for Oct 2013 and we couldn't put it into our name until then. We also couldn't sell it. Thankfully the guy called us back and met up with my husband at a Dept of licensing to change the date and get it all worked out. He didn't want to meet up with us, but I kindly threatened to have the trailer impounded and he would have to pay all the fees associated with it since its in his name. So he agreed to meet up. I was kinda hoping he wouldn't so He would get stuck with a huge bill.

Either way I still hate the trailer with a passion... And I think my husband is planning on keeping it. Ugh!

Sunday I am going to brave the mall and attempt to get Jakah's 3 year pictures done, and Easter bunny pictures done. I doubt Jakah will see the bunny, but Jensen will have his 1st bunny pictures taken. I am frustrated and stressing about it already!

Anyways I need a laugh, and a drink or maybe 17!

Emily and I have a community board on Pinterest just for Friday Funnies. We'd love for you to join us, so let me know if you want an invite!

Why Bring A Fire Extinguisher
Hee hee

so true

Bitch did what?

Good. lol

oh my gosh so funny

Hope everyone has a good weekend!