Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Peek Into Our Week # 6

We've had a couple pretty low key weeks around here. Between working, taking the boys to the doctor for their check ups, and my husband buying a trailer and learning a life lesson (you can read about it Here) we haven't been up to much. It's been pretty rainy and gray, so no playing outside, and we are on a two week break for sports.

First Jakah went to the Dr for his 3 year check up.
He weighs 36.75 lbs (89%) and is 38" tall (80%) Here he is waiting for the Dr to come in.
P.S. I make GIANT children! Especially for me only being 5'2" and my husband being 5'8"

 photo PhoneCamera657_zpsb86ae26a.jpg

I bought this sweatshirt one day when I had forgotten to bring one, it cracks me up

 photo PhoneCamera658_zps63540a55.jpg

Jakah tried to show Jensen how to drive

 photo PhoneCamera662_zps7c3df23d.jpg

While making dinner, I realized it was very quiet. I came out to the living room to find them playing together. They are so cute

 photo PhoneCamera672_zpsb73323ac.jpg

I bought myself some new boots! I realized I didn't have a plain black pair, and found these on clearance for $50! Score for me!

 photo PhoneCamera671_zpsa4b02e51.jpg

Jensen has been teething and his 2 bottom teeth have finally broken threw. Of course this means he is cranky, cries a lot, very clingy and just wants to be held. I put him in the sink so I could finish getting dressed and it was the only place in the whole house he stopped crying.

 photo PhoneCamera670_zpsea4a7aeb.jpg

My baby turned 9 months old yesterday! Today we go in for his 9 month check up. Yes I was just at the Dr last week but I can't deal with doing both check ups at the same time so I split them apart. I am guessing he is about 25 lbs. He is really long but skinnier than his brother was at 9 months. Either way I don't expect anything below a 75% on any of his measurements. Again I make giant children.



  1. They are precious! And that sink picture is just darling. :)

  2. You make giant, ADORABLE children. I love hi little leg sticking out of the sink! And I love the driving picture....teaching your little brother is serious business. :D

    1. I was able to get better pictures of him in the sink with my gamera, but this one was so cute!

  3. How cute are your kids? Adorable!
    Love those pictures, especially the last one.

    1. Thank you! It turned out pretty cute :)

  4. I love the picture of the baby in the sink! I am also only 5'2" and 2 out of my 3 kids have always been at the top of the charts for weight/height!

    1. Ha ha ha! Funny how that works out! At the age of 3 he is over half as tall as me

  5. Holy damn your kids are huge! I think your nine month old will easily out weigh my one year old (we have his check up on Monday, so we will find out his stats).

    1. He actually one weighs 20 lbs, just feels heavier. But he is 29.25" long!


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