Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Funnies # 29

Happy Friday Everyone! This is my 300th post! WOOHOOO!

How was everyone's week? We have dove in head first into potty training. Today is day 2 of nakedness. Jakah needs no help when naked, but when wearing a diaper, pull-ups or even underwear he just goes to the bathroom in them.

So today we are eating salty foods (to get him to drink more), drinking milk, water and root beer, eating jelly beans for going potty, and just being naked (well I'm not naked, just him. I don't want to scar him!)

Hopefully it goes better than yesterday! He peed on the floor and his pillow on purpose, and then told me to clean it up. I am having none of that! So we spent an hour and a half throwing a full on kicking, screaming, crying tantrum (mostly him) about cleaning it up. He finally did it! And I don't think we'll be peeing on anything else on purpose, since he didn't like cleaning it up! Hooray!
I'm gonna use this one

Anyways onto the funnies! Emily and I have a community Friday Funny board on Pinterest. If you would like to be part of the group and add some funnies let me know and I will send you an invitation!

First OMG do you ever watch Teen Mom 2? Janelle was so obsessed with going to a Ke$ha concert (which I don't understand why), so this totally made me laugh!
literally the best part of the whole series it


I still hate Twilight...

We'll stare at anything in a circle.



Happy Friday Everyone! Wish me luck! And send beer! I'll need it!


  1. Justin Timberlake and SNL were made for each other. He is absolutely hysterical on that show. This is one of my favorites!

  2. Way to stick to your guns with potty training! Jakah will think twice before he pees on the pillow! LOL

    1. I have no problem cleaning it up if it's an accident, but he totally looked at me and kept peeing. Didn't even try to stop. And then stood there and told me to clean it up... Oh no little boy, oh no!

  3. My own daughter AND the 4 year old girl I babysit - who are both supposed to be fully potty trained -- BOTH peed on my floor yesterday. What the...???? like?? I don't even know.

    so thanks for the funnies -- love the thong one! ha ha so true.

    1. Weird kids! Did they do it together?!

  4. I love your funnies! That Twilight one is hysterical!!

    Have you seen grumpy cat with Anderson Cooper? Seriously makes me chuckle!

    1. Grumpy cat and Anderson Cooper! I'm going to look for it now!


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