Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I hate camping and a really expensive life lesson

I hate camping. I don't really hide this fact. Sure I go on the once a year camping trip with my husband's family, because that's what you do. Do I enjoy it, not really. But I suck it up and go every year.
@Emily Davis I hate camping lol

So when my husband brought up the fact that he wants to buy a camping trailer, I mentioned to him that I hate camping and don't really want one. I don't find camping relaxing, or a vacation. I see it as work. Pack everything up, buy a ton of food, go out and camp, pack everything up again, come home and clean everything up.

Not very relaxing if you ask me. But he wanted one. So I told him I would take one for the team and go along with his purchase. He proceeded to email me pictures of trailers for sale and ask what I thought. I again reminded him that I don't care.
You can add streetfests to the mix. I hate you people that go camping or hiking or other activities that are disgusting

He wanted me to be involved with this purchase since he bought a car years ago without me being there. And to say I was mad about that was an understatement. I didn't talk to him for a week, and then refused to drive the car for years. You can read  more about The Stupid Neon .

A week after getting our tax refund, he found one he thought he liked. I took the money out to go buy it. I tried talking him into going to Vegas or perhaps Hawaii with all that cash but he said no. We went and looked at a trailer he liked. We looked at it, He asked me if I liked it, I said it was OK. He was very excited. I raised a few questions about it having a rebuilt title, but he said it was fine. I ultimately told him it was his decision and if he wanted it and was comfortable with it then fine. So he bought it.

And then started the buyers remorse.

He almost immediately regretted buying the trailer. Said he felt like he had been scammed, and that there was something wrong with it that he was missing. He was suddenly uncomfortable with the rebuilt title. Felt horrible that he had spent so much money. Looking back I should have spoken up more, but I feel like I was walking a fine line. Was I just saying no cause I hate camping and don't want a trailer, or was it because of the rebuilt title?

He took the trailer to his parents and really started looking it over. He discovered the whole floor was rotten and has to be replaced. It's pretty bad. Which makes him feel worse. He hasn't slept since buying it (he actually came home and said, it must suck being pregnant and not sleeping at all. Even went as far as asking me how I function with so little sleep.)

All of his free time has been trying to fix and replace the floor.

As of now (this could change of course) he has decided that when he sees it, it still makes him mad and feel horrible so he is going to sell it. Which makes me happy, cause I didn't want one in the first place.

He is amazed that I am not mad about it. Because I'm not, annoyed yes, but not mad. He must be feeling guilty though because he has been overly nice to me. Even had flowers delivered to work. He has never had flowers delivered to me.

Overall, its a lesson learned. An expensive life lesson learned. And at least I got flowers out of it :) Oh and I bet I could buy just about anything I wanted right now and get away with it... Perhaps a massage is going to be in my future?!


  1. I guess you live, you learn, and now you know!

    1. I totally agree! No one was harmed or hurt (except his pride I guess) but he still feels horrible

  2. See, this is totally how I operate. I've learned that he is probably not going to listen to me so instead of starting a fight I have to let him just do what he wants. Then when it fails console him. Having a husband is not that much different from having teenagers.

    1. This is actually the first time I haven't said much. Maybe it's because I really don't care! But yes, Husbands are like giant children...

  3. When our boys were young, we went camping a lot. I didn't mind the camper. I figured it was better than a tent.
    Too bad about your trailer. That totally sucks! I think we've all been scammed once in our lives. Sorry it had to be something so expensive though!!

    1. A trailer is definitely better than a tent! But a hotel would be even better than a trailer :)


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