Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Funnies # 32

Happy Friday!!! Anyone have big plans for the weekend? It's my first weekend not working in a few months. Of course my husband has to work instead. I was thinking about going swim suit shopping (EEEKKK!) but we are going to the Great Wolf Lodge next week and I'd like a new swim suit. Who knows if I'll go though since the boys aren't very good shopping buddies.

Since it's Friday it's time for some laughs. Emily and I have a community Friday Funnies pinterest board. Let me know if you would like to join us in pinning some laughs an I will send you an invitation!

Mom Vs Dad! Kids Questions - 1000% true.

lol you tell em eminem!(: haha...I think I just fell in love!! :D
NSFW Humor


Hahahaha I died at "cake boss is on"



Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. The Taylor Swift one cracked me up, and my kids will howl when I show it to them. Thanks!

  2. That Twilight one is a riot. I wish I had more time to Pin more this week, even though I know this is Friday, I've been forgetting about it until the last minute! Happy Weekend!

    1. That's usually me waiting until the last minute! :)


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