Monday, April 29, 2013

Here I Am


Anyone miss me?

I've been MIA. Well actually I have written and published a few things, only to delete them later. They weren't really saying what I wanted to say.

I'm in a blogging funk.

Since I am potty training the hardest child ever, I feel like every day is the same. Like I am that movie Ground Hog's Day.
Photo: And while you're add it, we could use one for the middle school boys too. Just saying. Erin

But here I am. Going to try to write my way out of the funk. So just warning you, some posts may be boring and lame and have a lot of rambling about nothing important.

Last week we took a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. The boys loved it of course. And my husband and I are exhausted. We went with my sister-in-law, niece and nephew and mother-in-law. Grandma insisted on buying all the kids the wand thingy there. Mostly because our niece wanted it and grandma was trying to be fair. But little kids 3 and under don't care about that game. (and the wands are so expensive!)
Photo: You've almost made it through another week!

"Share" if you've been there…

Potty training is going ok. So far we don't have any accidents in public, which I was worried about. Instead we have accidents at home. I don't understand it at all. But he'll get it eventually right? The only way we have gotten him to poop in the toilet is by telling him his poop gets flushed down to the poop truck (it doesn't) and he can wave at it when we see the poop truck driving around. So now he is obsessed with poop trucks. Or even fuel trucks that look like poop trucks with a poop trailer. Oh boys are gross I tell you!

I also realized this morning that my baby is turning 1 in about a month. Say what!? I gotta start planning a 1st birthday party like 3 weeks ago! Jensen has been walking around the house like crazy. It's cute but totally creeps me out when he walks into a room. He walks like a pirate with a peg leg and my husband calls him Captain. So we're having a pirate party.

I better get started on planning!

I'm also trying to switch Jensen from formula to milk. He's never really been into the formula or the bottles anyways. So better to get it out of the way now instead of waiting. Of course it seems like because I want to get rid of it, he wants it.

Jakah likes to try and make his brother laugh by sneezing. Except when he fake sneezes it sounds like he says "Ah Jew"! Totally cracks me up!

Of course anytime I pull out the video camera to record any of the funny walking or sayings the boys stop doing it and just climb on me. Ugh!

I've started a diet to lose the last 10 lbs I never lost from Jakah. I've lost everything I gained with Jensen, now to lose the rest! I'm in a wedding in January and want to look hot. So I haven't been baking much. Because then I just eat it. Now if only I could find the time to exercise! Hopefully with the days getting nicer just taking the boys for a walk will help.


  1. Potty training! Just stick with it, we've gone up and down and sideways and all over the place with it. Like you, I'm just assuming something's gotta stick, right?

    1. They gotta get it eventually! At least there haven't been many accidents in public.

  2. Public accidents are the WORST; keeping my fingers crossed for you. Welcome back!

  3. I'm so happy the potty training days are behind me... not a time to be relished, is it? Hope you'll be able to get out of the blogging funk. I probably should stop baking for a while to lose some of this unwanted weight - but oh, I love it so and the goodies taste so good. I am being good by using whole wheat flower and a stevia sugar blend instead of regular sugar. :)

    1. How's it going with Stevia? I've tried the Splenda one and didn't really like the taste or texture. And baking is so good! I miss it! It was a stress reliever for me. But I want to lose a few pounds so out with cookies and in with salads!


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