Friday, June 7, 2013

Old School Blogging ... The ABC's of Me

The ABC's of Me

It's old school blogging time!

I was tagged by Jennifer  and I am so excited to link up with Miss Elaine-ous Life!

A. Attached or Single? Very attached to my one and only Casey
B. Best Friend? Other than my husband, Sally has been my BFF since the 2nd grade!
C. Cake or Pie? I would have to say cake, unless it was dutch apple pie. That's my favorite pie and the only one I eat!
D. Day of choice? A good ol' Saturday, or a really nice lazy Sunday
E. Essential Item? My purse, it has EVERYTHING in it! Seriously I have everything
F. Favorite Color? Red, I love red! OR Tiffany Blue!! It's my new favorite, I want to re-do my kitchen in it
G. Gummy Bears or worms? Totally bears! They just taste better
H. Hometown? Well... I was born in Tucson, AZ and moved to tiny little Monroe, WA when I was 8 (2nd grade, the same time I met my BFF)
I. Favorite Indulgence? Time with my friends without kids!
J. January or July? Well... July cause it's hot and my anniversary, but my husband's birthday is in January so it's a good month too.
K. Kids? 2 wild and crazy boys
L. Life isn't complete without? Humor, Sarcasm, Love, Family
M. Marriage Date? July 24, 2005
N. Number of Brothers / Sisters? 2 younger sisters
O. Oranges or Apples? Apples of course, Granny Smith are my favorite
P. Phobias? Creepy crawly bugs!
Q. Quotes?
Julia says.... People who love to eat are always the best people. Agreed.

R. Reasons to Smile? My boys, Vacations, Humor, my dog, My husband, my BFF, Baking

S. Season of Choice? Summer, I love summer
T. Tag 5 people? Tami, Emily, Kim, Bridget, Wendy
U. Unknown Fact? I was supposed to go to culinary / marketing college in Denver, but I didn't have the money so I stayed home. Good thing cause then I met Casey and as they say, the rest is history! Oh and I have 2 tattoos on my back (yes a tramp stamp is included in that)
V. Vegetable? Anything except brussels sprouts
W. Worst Habit? Sometimes (not very often) after "adult time" with my husband, I have a cigarette. I should quit that, but once in a while it's nice
X. X-Ray or Ultrasound? X-ray usually means something is broken, and that sucks. But ultrasounds are usually for babies, and I'm not having any more... so X-Ray?
Y. Your Favorite Food? Pizza, Cheese, French Bread, Chips... Snacky foods really. But I love baking desserts!
Z. Zodiac Sign? Well... it depends on which horoscope you are reading, on some I am a Taurus and on others I am a Gemini. It's called the Cusp!


  1. I love pizza & my anniversary is also in July!

    1. There seems to be a lot of anniversaries in July!

  2. Another July anniversary here! Wouldn't it be fun to all get together for our anniversaries?

    Pizza really is delicious.

    Done having babies, hu? But you make such cute ones!

    1. That would be fun Jenn! And I am sure I am done, they are cute but so, so very busy!

  3. Dutch apple pie is probably the only pie that *might* beat cake.
    Sometimes I feel like it’s really weird that I don’t carry a purse.
    I’ve noticed so many July anniversaries – mine included.
    Ha, I’m laughing at “adult time!”

    1. Dutch apple pie is the best :) And yes "adult time".... we seemed to have more of it before kids LOL

  4. My anniversary is in July as well!

    1. I've noticed there are a lot of anniversaries in July!

  5. Julia Child, so wise! ;)

    And now I want a peak into your purse... lol.

    Thanks for playing along with me and Jen!

    1. I LOVE Julia Child! And my purse is full of hot wheels, sour candies, at least 10 chap sticks, a dead zune player, 3 hand sanitizers... oh it's a long list

  6. Thanks for tagging me. I am working on it and will post soon. I promise!! xo


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