Monday, July 1, 2013

Garage Sale Tanked

Hey All!

How has everyone been?

I know I haven't been around much. Man these boys are keeping me on my toes! Today is the first day they are both napping AT THE SAME TIME!!!

I should be sitting outside drinking a nice cool margarita to celebrate! But it's so dang hot outside. Seriously, it doesn't usually get into the 90's until August here. Ugh!


This past weekend I had a garage sale. Since I am not having any more babies, I figured I could sell off all my baby stuff. People go crazy over baby stuff at garage sales.

Unless you're me. I was told MULTIPLE times that I had "too much baby stuff". Uh... what? No one wanted a stroller, boppy, clothing, NOTHING.

How is that even possible?

I even had the sale at my parents house. They live on a super busy street (I don't). A lot of Hispanic people live around that area. My mom has had sales there many times and had great luck.

But no, I seriously tanked at my garage sale.

So weird!

So I'll start listing my stuff on craigslist and see if anyone wants it. If not maybe I'll try again at the end of the summer. Maybe it was too hot for people to be out?

At least I had this little guy helping me for a while


  1. Replies
    1. My boys are obsessed with those cups!

  2. If they are in good condition, try Ebay for the clothes. I have a friend who does that and has great luck.

  3. His cuteness alone should've drove in the business!!! I love his overalls!

    1. We had pretty good business, didn't put out any signs and made $500 total. Just no one wanted baby clothes or items lol


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