Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Away

I love my kids as much as the next person. Actually I love my kids more than you guys do, cause well, they are mine.

But sometimes you just need a break.

This past weekend, my bestest friend and I went away for the whole weekend. We had only been talking about getting away together for the past two years. But we finally did it! A whole two nights and two days!

We drove up to a little town called Birch Bay, on the coast, very close to Canada. About 2 1/2 hours away.

Of course my husband had to work later than normal on Friday, so we didn't get into town until around 9 pm. But we made it!

Friday night we didn't do anything too exciting, drank a bottle of wine, talked and went to sleep. A full night of sleep without kids waking us up! It was glorious!

Saturday we laid around the condo, had coffee and actually watched what we wanted to on tv! Then we headed out and explored.

We ended up in a dutch town called Lynden. We found a little restaurant where we had a traditional dutch breakfast (or really for us, brunch). The Pannekoek, or dutch pancakes were delicious! Really thin pancakes with bacon cooked into it, and eggs on top. We also ordered an apple cinnamon pannekoek. Little did we know they were HUGE. We were so full!
We walked up and down the little main street doing some shopping. It was mostly antique stores. Places we NEVER go into with children. While we didn't buy anything, it was fun to look around.

We found a place to get a pedicure and indulged in that. Funny thing is, the lady that did my pedicure was WAY to chatting and it was more annoying than relaxing. I realized I'd rather go somewhere they don't speak English to me, at least they can talk and I don't know what they are saying.

After our pedicures, we decided to hit the casino. Going to the casino is one of my favorite things to do! We found one neither of us had been to before. Usually when you go to a casino and sign up for their players card, they will give you $5 to play. Yay for $5! But this casino not only gave us $5, they also gave each of us $25.95 for dinner, and another $5 to spend at another restaurant. So even though we lost the money we had decided to spend, we each got dinner for free, and used the second $5 for breakfast sandwiches for the next day!

After playing there, losing our money and eating our free dinner, we decided to head back to the condo so we could hit the hot tub!

After another bottle of wine, and learning that I had only brought 2 swim suit tops... we hit the hot tub. (don't worry, I figured out a way to wear 2 tops, and no one even knew! Thank god swim suit skirts are in style right!)

Our saying for the weekend came from Despicable Me ... "First you clink, and then you drink"

After staying up way to late on Saturday, and drinking two bottles of wine, we finally went to bed for another night of no kids! Again it was amazing! Too bad neither of us seem to sleep past 7, but oh well!

Sunday we walked around Birch Bay for a bit before deciding we should probably head home and end of kid free weekend.

Sure I missed my kids and husband, but I could have stayed away longer! The most amazing part was coming home to find my husband and cleaned, washed, folded and put away our laundry and even washed and put away his work uniforms! And he took both of them to Seattle to a car show! Almost by himself, his dad and brother in law went. So 5 guys, together! Eek! But they all survived and made it home in one piece.

I think even the boys missed me, which is part of why I wanted to go away. We are together all the time. My husband said my son cried for an hour Saturday night. And when I got home my son told me he was so worried about me. Awe!

Up next... perhaps a weekend away with my husband! Neither of us have been away from our kids at the same time!

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