Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Jamberry Experience

Hi Everyone!

Whew! I'm sure you all have been asking yourself, "Where is Audrey?"

I've been around. It's a busy time of year. And the boys keep me running around. And I think of stuff to blog but then forget about it. Ugh! Hopefully I will do better in 2014!!!

It's the thought that counts right?

Amanda from It's Blogworthy gave me the opportunity to try out her amazing Jamberry nail products.

I am so excited to share my thoughts on it.

First off I never paint my nails. I hate the chipping that happens almost immediately. Drives me crazy because all I do is pick and chip at it until I take it off.

Amanda sent me two adorable stickers to try out. I chose the colorful chevron one and added my own purple nail polish.

It was easy to apply, although next time I will heat it up a little more to stick better. The sides seemed to big so maybe I need to trim that part down. But doesn't it look cute!

I did two coats of purple nail polish, and a clear top coat.

I left it on for 12 days. 12 days people!

12 days of bathing kids, washing pots and pans, washing my hands 10,000 times a day, 12 days of my showers, and all the other daily activities.

The Jamberry sticker has barely any wear on it and still looks new! My nail polish looks horrible.

I love these things!!

I ordered some for my sister for Christmas. I had the hardest time picking them out. There are so many adorable designs! I really wanted to get some for myself but couldn't with Christmas right around the corner.

Amanda is a Jamberry consultant. She has an insiders group on Facebook and you can even try one out for free!

She is also donating some money towards Greta's fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

So if you wish to buy some (which I hope you do!) and give to a good cause check out the party and buy yourself a little something!

Greta's Fundraising Party

I am linking this up with Greta's last #iPPP of the year. The pictures were taken on my phone and shared on instagram



    It seems like a bunch of us have not been good about blogging on a regular basis. I really enjoy it, so I have not idea why I don't do it more often.
    I like the nails! That's one treat I allow myself. Mom's usually get put on the back burner, but this is one thing I won't give in to. It makes me feel pretty. Doesn't every mom deserve that?!! =)

    1. Hi Tami! I enjoy it too and miss it. I just don't seem to have much quiet time to write out my thoughts :) I never get my nails done, just not something I am super into. I do love a good pedicure though!

  2. Thanks, Audrey! I love them, too, and find it SO hard to choose. Which is why I have several designs. ;)

    1. There were so many I wanted to buy myself, but I was buying gifts for others

  3. These are awesome! I just ordered my first set through Greta's party.


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