Thursday, January 23, 2014

A hair nightmare #iPPP

I never had amazingly thick hair in my life. It's always been very thin and fine. Seriously, most babies are born with more hair than I have ever had.

While it was thin and fine, I always had enough that you couldn't tell.

Here is a picture of it in May 2005. Its on the very long side because I was growing it out for my wedding. But still, looks healthy and normal right?!

Until last June, when I went to put my hair into a ponytail and realized the small ponytail holder I was using wrapped around my ponytail 8 times! and probably could have gone more. (it used to only take 3 times around)
Oh how I cried and cried. How could I have not noticed!?
During pregnancy my hair NEVER got any thicker or grew any more than normal. On the plus side, my hair didn't fall out after pregnancy either. At least not the first time. I think after having Jensen is when my hair started falling out. I just never noticed.
So after talking to some people (my cousin's who are hair dressers, and my doctor) I started taking Biotin. Well a vitamin called Hair, Skin and Nails has biotin in it. I also found some shampoo with biotin in it, and have since used that.
I decided that with all the new growth (Yay!) the few strands of hair left over was looking horrible. So today I went to get a haircut. I asked for it to be chin length, but after she started cutting said it would look better if I just cut it down to all the new growth.
(I am horrible at taking selfies! Seriously bad!)
This is what happened. It's so short! I am not a fan of it at all. But it does look so much thicker and fuller. On that note, this is all the growth since I started taking the biotin in August. It's a lot of hair! (well for me anyways! Especially compared to what I had!) Hopefully it will grow out faster and look like it once did
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  1. I like the short cute -- it definitely does look fuller. and has a lot of body.
    my daughter was bald for the first 2 years. her younger sister had to get a haircut before she ever needed one. and now the younger sister has fuller, thicker, longer AND curly hair -- while she still can't even put hers in a ponytail at age 6! Trust -- it's a big source of contention around here. LOL

    1. It is a lot fuller and thicker! Still fine though :) I'd like it if it was just a little longer, so far it's just too short. Looks kinda like my mom (not that its a horrible thing, but still)

  2. It has lots of body and style! I know what you mean about a short cut you don't like, though. Been there. But after playing with it a bit I ended up with a short cut that has style and more body than when it was longer. You'll get there!

    1. It's definitely short! I think once it gets just a little longer it will look better. At least it's thicker :)

  3. I think it looks cute!

    My hair is overly thick and I hate it. It gets everywhere and never works for me. :/

    1. Awe! Thank you! I still don't like it lol, but it will grow back!

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