Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Listicles - 10 random things

I finally get myself somewhat together and decide to get back to doing Monday Listicles with Stasha at Northwest Mommy.

Surprise it's a list of 10 random things!

So how about 10 thoughts floating around my head right now

1. I hope I don't get the stomach bug Jakah has
2. Must remember to by nylons and a wedding card for the wedding I am in on Saturday. OMG where do you buy nylons? And where did Jensen hide those stupid sticker bras?
3. Jensen better be napping and not playing with toys
4. What in the world am I going to make for dinner?
5. Why must the dog always lay in the mud before she comes in the house?
6. Did I remember to send out all Jakah's birthday party invitations?
7. Oh look! Christmas cards I forgot to mail
8. Is it to late to make more coffee?
9. Are the boys going to behave during the wedding rehearsal and dinner Friday?
10. Is it time for bed yet?

There you have it, 10 random thoughts! Can you tell I'm going to be in a wedding this weekend? I am so excited for a night away from kids!

Tune in next week for another round of Listicles!


  1. You're not alone. I have a million things floating around in my head and things I need to get done that I haven't because we've all been sick for the last week! Ahhh...motherhood.

    1. I swear it keeps me up at night! Maybe because it's quiet then and I can think

  2. It seems like I am more like this during the semester. When I have breaks, it is SOOOO glorious to have quiet in my head and to be able to focus on one simple thought at a time! I can relate! Fun list!

    1. I am jealous of the quiet in your head! Mine goes crazy around bed time, I think because it is quiet around the house and I can actually think


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