Thursday, February 13, 2014

Champagne Life Style on a Beer Budget #iPPP

So as a general rule (for myself) I almost never buy anything unless it's on clearance. Yes there are a few exceptions like bridesmaid dresses, ok I guess that is my only exception?! But seriously never buy anything unless it is on clearance or at least on sale (with a coupon of course!). If you wait long enough, or sometimes not very long, it will be on clearance.

We bought all of our appliances in our kitchen on clearance! For Valentine's day tomorrow we are buying each other a 60" LED TV (name brand) that I found a stupid good deal on, that we can't pass up ($700!)

We live on 1 income, and I don't think we are lacking on anything because we are patient and buy stuff on clearance. It's really a champagne life style on a beer budget.

That being said, we are teaching our boys about money. Savings it and waiting to buy stuff until we either really want it, or you guessed it, on clearance.

So, Tuesday I took Jakah shopping to spend his birthday money. Dude, the kid scored more birthday money than I do! I  put the cash he received into his bank account, but he also made out with a visa gift card! Score!

We went to Kohl's because their toys are ALWAYS on sale. I was hoping to get him some clothes to, and I had $20 Kohl's cash to use. (gotta love free money right?!)

Boy did this kid get his mom's shopping skills! All clearance was an extra 25% off the clearance price, including toys!

Jakah ended up buying all this

A giant imaginext batcave (priced at $80, we paid $10), a spiderman house (priced at $70, we paid $20), a Luigi shirt (his favorite character, priced at $16, paid $3.80), two Thomas trains (priced at $12.99 each, paid $9 for both), and he bought Jensen two t-shirts ( seriously paid $3 total for those) and a sweatshirt (hello $2!)

After everything was rung up I also had a 15% off coupon (you should install the retail me not app on your phone, always has coupons to use in stores!) Used our $20 Kohl's cash and the total came to $30!

Seriously paid $30 for all of this! Our receipt said we saved $197!

If you follow me on facebook (or instagram!) you would know that last summer my  ultimate saving was spending $150 and saving almost $900....

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  1. Wow! that is incredible!
    He's got some great stuff -- and most definitely is learning some great money lessons for the future.
    and that is a priceless gift to give your kids.

    1. I agree, many people don't have very good money skills anymore. They run up bills and then don't like to pay them.

  2. That is awesome shopping! I don't have the patience to wait on things...I'm more of an impulse shopper, unfortunately. But from deal sites, so that counts for something, right? Also, I love the new blog look!

    1. I've told my husband if I could be a professional shopper I totally would. And deal sites are always good :)


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