Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Mall Date #iPPP

Last weekend we met up with my friend Suzanne and her adorable daughter Zoe. They live about an hour and a half away, and were unable to make it to Jakah's birthday party due to being sick. So we decided to have a playdate half way between both of us. Luckily there is a mall with a Red Robin and a kid's museum.

Oh My Goodness the cuteness was on overload.

First we had lunch, where they insisted on sitting next to each other where they talked about anything and everything.

After lunch we headed down to the kids museum. They graciously let Jensen tag along with them.

Of course they had a blast at the museum! Played wonderful together, let us moms actually chat for a bit!

Afterwards, Jakah wanted to take his date for ice cream, so off we went.

Seriously, how cute are they! (everyone say Awe!)

How is it possible I am chaperoning a mall date already!?

I hope when they are teenagers, they still let Jensen tag along with them!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First Time Soccer Mom #iPPP

My 4 year old has officially started soccer. My husband has been taking him to practice since it's at night while I'm at work. It's probably better this way since Jakah is clingy with me, and not with him, I'm also super uber competitive, my husband isn't at all.

Poor Jensen just wants to get out there and play too, so my husband has to wrestle him during practice. So he misses a lot of what the coach says. Like the team name....Which we found out later in an e-mail from the coach.

Jakah is officially on the Orange Giraffe's team. My husband said it was the funniest thing listening to them pick out a name. Jakah told the coach his favorite animal is a rat. (WHAT?! EW) Two other kids said giraffe, one kid said tornado's and a little girl stated whales, and then proceeded to repeat for the whole hour that she just really loves whales. This coach has the patience of a saint! I don't think I could coach eight 3 and 4 year olds.

Anyways they had their first game Saturday. Of course they don't keep score, but it is hilarious to watch. Jakah plays pretty well. My husband was surprised. Since he doesn't go to the sports class with us, he's only seen him play at the two practices. At sports class Jakah is usually more interested in mopping the floor with his back, running lines, or clinging to my leg.

Other than being mad that he is on the orange team because his favorite color is green, he loved it and had so much fun!

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