Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Learning Patience Never Ends #iPPP

Two weeks ago, Jakah dropped my Nintendo 3DS into the toilet while he was using it. This was the second time it has been dropped into water. The first time he thought he could use it in the bath tub like dad does. (I'd also like to note that both these incidents where on "dad's watch"). Needless to say, it's officially dead this time.

We decided that he needs to earn money to buy a new one. For many reasons, but most importantly because he needs to learn that we aren't just going to buy him new stuff if he breaks it.

So he has been doing chores. Not hard ones, emptying and re-filling the dishwasher, mopping the floors, cleaning the windows, helping with laundry and cleaning the bathrooms. We only do about 2 chores a day, because he is only 4. His attention span doesn't last very long.

And my patience can't handle much more.

Teaching him chores has been more work for me than for him. Part of my type A personality has had to let go of control. I have to remind myself that he is only 4, and is learning how to do these things. It's frustrating to let it go. To know that the floor isn't as clean as it should be, that the dishes will still get clean even if they aren't in the exact place they should be.

But I know someday he will get it, and will hopefully make his wife happy by helping out!

He wanted to count his money to see if he was close to buying another 3DS.

Of course he is a LONG way off from the $200, as of now he has earned $5.50. Mostly because I pay him in pennies and nickels. I can still get away with paying him cheaply and he thinks coins are worth more than dollars. (seriously he traded me 4 nickels for a dollar bill because it's more money). He usually earns anywhere from 20 - 50 cents a day depending on how many chores we do or how hard they are. I paid him more to clean the windows.

So we have decided he needs to earn 200 coins. So far he is up to 75 coins. We made him a little chart so he can see how far away he is.

He seems pretty enthusiastic about doing chores and earning money, is learning that it takes work to get the things you want, and I am learning a huge lesson in patience and letting go of the small things.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Champagne Life Style on a Beer Budget #iPPP

So as a general rule (for myself) I almost never buy anything unless it's on clearance. Yes there are a few exceptions like bridesmaid dresses, ok I guess that is my only exception?! But seriously never buy anything unless it is on clearance or at least on sale (with a coupon of course!). If you wait long enough, or sometimes not very long, it will be on clearance.

We bought all of our appliances in our kitchen on clearance! For Valentine's day tomorrow we are buying each other a 60" LED TV (name brand) that I found a stupid good deal on, that we can't pass up ($700!)

We live on 1 income, and I don't think we are lacking on anything because we are patient and buy stuff on clearance. It's really a champagne life style on a beer budget.

That being said, we are teaching our boys about money. Savings it and waiting to buy stuff until we either really want it, or you guessed it, on clearance.

So, Tuesday I took Jakah shopping to spend his birthday money. Dude, the kid scored more birthday money than I do! I  put the cash he received into his bank account, but he also made out with a visa gift card! Score!

We went to Kohl's because their toys are ALWAYS on sale. I was hoping to get him some clothes to, and I had $20 Kohl's cash to use. (gotta love free money right?!)

Boy did this kid get his mom's shopping skills! All clearance was an extra 25% off the clearance price, including toys!

Jakah ended up buying all this

A giant imaginext batcave (priced at $80, we paid $10), a spiderman house (priced at $70, we paid $20), a Luigi shirt (his favorite character, priced at $16, paid $3.80), two Thomas trains (priced at $12.99 each, paid $9 for both), and he bought Jensen two t-shirts ( seriously paid $3 total for those) and a sweatshirt (hello $2!)

After everything was rung up I also had a 15% off coupon (you should install the retail me not app on your phone, always has coupons to use in stores!) Used our $20 Kohl's cash and the total came to $30!

Seriously paid $30 for all of this! Our receipt said we saved $197!

If you follow me on facebook (or instagram!) you would know that last summer my  ultimate saving was spending $150 and saving almost $900....

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Today He's 4, Almost A Handful

Today my sweet baby boy turns 4.
It's hard to believe that it has been 4 years since that baby boy entered my life and made me a mom.

I never imagined that tiny baby boy (only 6lbs, 11 oz) would turn into a headstrong, independent, incredibly smart, funny and adorable 4 year old.

Jakah showed up 2 weeks early. Always having to be on his own schedule, not anyone else's. Since then he has been one of the most independent kids I have ever met or seen. Never really wanting to be held. Always trying to do things himself. While some days it's frustrating, I remind myself that someday it will be awesome.

Newborn 2010

1st Birthday 2011


2nd Birthday 2012


3rd Birthday 2013

4th Birthday 2014 Actually 1 picture is from yesterday during the Superbowl while our amazing Seahawks won!

He has taught me so many things about being a mom. I can't imagine my life without him!

Love you Jakah! Happy 4th Birthday!