The Crew

I show lots of pictures on here. So it would be nice to know who I am talking about

First off.. Me (Audrey)

My son thinks I am crazy! I was born in Arizona and moved to Washington when I was 8. Apparently I was named after Hank Williams (Sr) Ex wife, not Audrey Hepburn. (although I love her and all her movies) Grew up in a small town 10 miles from where my husband grew up. I have a degree in Accounting. I love reality shows and gossip magazines. I enjoy reading and baking and like to think I am pretty good at both. I bought myself a dirt bike for my 28th birthday without having ever ridden one. A month later I found out I was pregnant. I love traveling the world and visited many places before we had Jakah. Jakah is amazing and I never thought I would be so lucky to have him.


Casey grew up on a cow farm. He has 3 sisters and a brother. Casey is a diesel mechanic. He talks to me about engines all night long. He thinks he is a mechanical genius. I let him think that because I have no idea what he is talking about. He likes trucks. He has a project 4 runner in our garage. He says my fun level will be going up soon. We are complete opposites and really have nothing in common. But it works for us. He thinks he is funny and most the time he is. Casey is a wonderful dad and a pretty good choice for a 1st husband.
 He also thinks I am crazy.


Jakah was born in February 2010. He is kamikaze! Casey has named him the Sledgehammer. He is gigantic for his age and will probably be as tall as my dad. (6'5" yikes!)  He loves ice cream, trucks, trains being outside, and his dog Stitch. He loves working in the garage with his dad. And sometimes tolerates hanging out with me. He has Casey's interest but most of my personality traits. He is stubborn, independent and very determined to do what he wants, when he wants to. We butt heads all day long. But he is funny and makes us laugh. Its amazing how one little boy can make me so mad and then laughing within 5 minutes.


Arrived June 5!!!


The dog.... enough said

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  1. I love that he is a "pretty good choice for a 1st husband!"

  2. My husband spends a lot of time working on things with motors. It's not his job, but he trained himself how to do it as a teenager (it was that or have a truck that didn't work), and now I'm pretty sure he can fix anything. He talks "at me" about it, not "to me", because I'm pretty sure I have nothing to add to those conversations.

    1. Unfortunately after 10 years of listening to it I can sometimes hold my own in a conversation. I even surprised him once with an in-depth discussion about leaf-springs. I sounded smart Ha ha!


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