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Monday, February 3, 2014

Today He's 4, Almost A Handful

Today my sweet baby boy turns 4.
It's hard to believe that it has been 4 years since that baby boy entered my life and made me a mom.

I never imagined that tiny baby boy (only 6lbs, 11 oz) would turn into a headstrong, independent, incredibly smart, funny and adorable 4 year old.

Jakah showed up 2 weeks early. Always having to be on his own schedule, not anyone else's. Since then he has been one of the most independent kids I have ever met or seen. Never really wanting to be held. Always trying to do things himself. While some days it's frustrating, I remind myself that someday it will be awesome.

Newborn 2010

1st Birthday 2011


2nd Birthday 2012


3rd Birthday 2013

4th Birthday 2014 Actually 1 picture is from yesterday during the Superbowl while our amazing Seahawks won!

He has taught me so many things about being a mom. I can't imagine my life without him!

Love you Jakah! Happy 4th Birthday!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Every Fireman needs a fire truck #iPPP

The time has come to move Jakah out of a toddler bed and into a big boy bed. Since we are still dealing with potty training, we told him he could work towards any kind of bed he wanted. He worked hard, and had only two accidents for the whole month of November (that's including nights).

After looking on pinterest, he fell in love with this fire truck bed
 Fire truck Bed

After much debate between my husband and I, we decided that in order for him to have this bed, we would have to build it in his room, paint it in his room, and it would never move or leave his room.
So instead I found this tent at Kmart of all places. (it was $60 on Amazon or $35 at Kmart) I don't know about where you live, but there are almost no Kmart's here, and the ones here are in the ghetto. Ok maybe not the real ghetto, but in a really crappy part of town, and they are really run down.

We have my old bunk bed set from when I was a kid. So my husband bought longer legs for it and turned it into a loft bed. We painted it red, I found this tent kit. I ended up having to sew longer strings onto it for it to tie onto the wood. I found red sheets and a black and silver comforter. Because honestly all the fire truck bedding was either for a toddler bed or ridiculously expensive (or maybe I'm just cheap) My husband is still looking for flashing lights to put on it also.

Either way,

My son LOVES it.

He will only sleep inside the fire truck though. The first night we went in to take him to the bathroom and found this

Rough night for the fireman I guess!

Even the dog loves the fire truck! Seriously she goes in there and hides. The boys think its awesome

If you need me I'll be hiding out in the fire truck with Stitch!

I'm linking up with Greta at GFunkified for her weekly #iPPP

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Unfashionably late to 2014

Happy 2014!!!

Oh, it's been 2014 for 7 days now? Silly me, always late to the party!

My husband was on "Christmas Break".... so like the kids in our neighborhood, he had 2 weeks off of work. If you would like to see all the pictures from our break follow me on Instagram!

Which was great, except I got nothing useful done! But we had a lot of play time! Oh and a few holidays to celebrate in between. Nothing like three Christmas's in 24 hours, and then a family Bunco game. My boys were of course spoiled beyond reason. Jakah was pretty excited because he asked Santa for a red remote control train and that's what Santa brought him.

Of course there was New Year's in there too. Where we went to the neighbor's party where we didn't know a single soul. We were trying to step out of our comfort zone and maybe meet some new people. We left 2 hours into it. We had Jensen with us and he was ready to go to bed. And after meeting people there that we had nothing in common with we were ready to go home. So we watched movies and drank. (there was no alcohol at the party!?)

Anyways I am hoping that for 2014 I can get back to blogging more. I've missed it! And Jakah does / says some pretty funny stuff now that needs to be shared with the world.

Also for 2014, there will be some changes to this little ol' blog. I've got a new name in mind. Hopefully sharing recipes more often. And just being here more!

Happy 2014!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mustache Men

Do you ever have one of those nights where everyone is being goofy?

I'm not quite sure how this night happened, but I think Jakah my 3 year old was talking about having a mustache. And how his dad can grow a mustache but he can't.

So my husband gave him a mustache. Good thing I have lots of make-up that I never wear, cause a brown eyeliner pencil came in handy!

A rare photo of me and the Mustache Men

Sad mustache man

And scary mustache man

And a baby with a mustache is funny and creepy all at once

Moments like these are hilarious, and make a frustrating days so much better. Good thing they are cute and goofy. I guess I'll keep them around for a while.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wasting Time At The Beach

No such thing as a bad day at the beach ������

I have always loved this quote. I have it hanging up in my laundry room.

We have recently taken over a condo time share. My parents bought it a long time ago, and we took family vacations using it. Over the years they stopped using it as much. They always had points to use up or they expired so Casey and I would use it. We used it for our honeymoon to Fiji, and used it in Hawaii a few times. It's nice cause it's paid for, we just have to pay the quarterly fees.
This spring there were points to be used up or they expired so we decided to book a couple weekend trips.

Last weekend we went to Seaside Oregon for the first time. It was amazing! The condo was super nice (some of the ones we have stayed in were just ok) It had a nice pool, and was one the beach. We got lucky and had AMAZING weather. 80+ degrees and not super windy!

This picture is from my phone. We put our stuff in the room and went straight to the beach! The sand there is light colored,  nice and soft, not gray and grainy like it is in Washington

We spent a lot of time on the beach, and in the pool. There is a lot of stuff to do there, but it was so nice out we didn't want to be inside

Plus the boys are happy if you just dig them big holes to sit in.

Even if the holes are creepy looking (I totally blame my husband!)

The pool is always awesome! And tires kids out in no time!

We went to the tiny aquarium and got to feed seals, and see a gross octopus!

We also took a trip to Tillamook and checked out the Tillamook Cheese Factory. My husband also made us go to this creepy air museum. Totally creeped me out! (of course I had left my camera in the condo, so these are from my phone)

Inside a creepy plane, I couldn't even walk into it.

Then we went to the beach again

My husband only took ONE picture of me the whole weekend, so I just wanted to prove I was on the trip

And bought a kite to fly

These pictures are just so sweet

I think someone is finally worn out!

Then we started the long 4 hour drive home. Where Jakah tried to stick his head out the window like a dog

We had a very unexpected pleasant surprise when we went to breakfast Saturday morning. A sweet older guy came over and complimented us on our boys. Then we were getting ready to leave and waiting for the bill, and the waitress said it had already been taken care of. I think it was the old guy. I wish I could thank him. It was so nice!

All in all it was a good trip.

Difficult traveling with two little kids. Especially one who throws tantrums and decides he is going to be a giant pain in the butt unless we do what he wants to do when he wants to do it! So my husband and I took turns taking a "break" because honestly it's frustrating spending that much time together in one time room and one car. It's amazing how, looking at the pictures now, not even a week later and I seem to have almost forgotten most the the annoying frustrating things that happened.


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